Malama aina: Oahu

(gentle drumming) – We have a responsibility as Hawaii people, as Hawaiians, to take care of our ocean and our land because we get to enjoy it. It gathers our family together. It gathers people together. It does something. The more and more people get to enjoy, the more they’re Continue Reading

99/16 ¡VAYA TORACO! Impresionante como siempre la Peña de Baix de Masama 2016

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Guinness World Record for world’s largest arcade

It’s the largest arcade machine, and it’s made it into the Guinness World Records. The network engineer, Jason Camberis, took nearly two yeas to build the machine. It measures a whopping 4.41 metres and it’s more than a metre deep. ‘I tried to make to 2.75 times as big for Continue Reading