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Holden Rodeo (Colorado) 2003 TV ad – “It’s a monster truck”

Announcer: Tonight’s the night. It’s monster trucks down under. You can just feel the testosterone. Look at the muscle! Look at the air they’re getting! Woo-hoo! Hang on a minute – Holden Rodeo?! What the! The bigger, tougher, all-new V6 Rodeo. Man: what seems to be the problem? It’s a Continue Reading

If Energy Drink Ads Were Honest – Honest Ads (Monster, Red Bull, Gatorade Parody)

Kudu Bull hunt, 65″! What a monster.

okay good morning I think it will be a good morning it’s gonna be something that you’ve been looking forward to for three, okay try to hunt it for three years but looking forward to for your whole life my whole life you know so it’s a dream dream animal Continue Reading

Magic Monster Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie + MORE | Wow English TV

Ouou. OU. Hello. I am scared, but I am going to meet Maggie. OU. What’s that? Ou, look. It’s a pumpkin. But how many pumpkins are there? There are… One little, two little, three little pumpkins. Four little, five little, six little pumpkins. Seven little, eight little, nine little pumpkins. Continue Reading

MONSTER BUG WARS | Death at Midnight | S1E1

Narrator: ln a bug’s world, life is always in the balance. There are so many ways to die. Around every corner, super-strength assassins… They are just incredibly fast with enormous force. Narrator: …bizarre weapons… They have absolutely insatiable appetite. Narrator: …and ruthless personalities. They are incredibly effective predators. Narrator: Every Continue Reading

Monster leech swallows giant worm – Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4 – BBC Two

Feeling up and down the worm’s body, it searches for an end. Then, it starts to suck. The worm fights back, but there is no escape. The leech sucks it’s prey down like spaghetti, crushing the worm with it’s muscular throat.

IT’S HUGE! Giant Black Slug!

– Yeah, oh you got one. Come on, come on, come on. – Right over here guys. It’s huge. – Oh my gosh. Look at the size of that thing. Wow. Can I pick it up? – [Aron] You can. – Whoa, look at that. All right, here we go. Continue Reading

Catching a SHARK by HAND!

– [Mark] Oh my gosh, a shark. – Oh my gosh, a shark. – [Mark] Get Mario. (dramatic music) – The southern coastline of Africa is an intertidal ecosystem flush with bizarre looking ocean creatures. From buggy eyed toad fish, to slippery octopus, these were animal oddities that I really Continue Reading