– My name’s Olivia Marshall, and I’m here to help you understand what a call option is and why you’d want to buy one. So I think the best way to help you learn is just to run through an example. Let’s say you’re bullish on a particular stock. Maybe Continue Reading

LOLXDMAFIA – Lory Money – Santa Claus (PROD.KILLCHRIS)

Blueface – Daddy ft. Rich The Kid

Rodeo Stampede How to get unlimited Money – Rodeo Stampede Money Glitch 100% works

For those who love money today I am gonna to show you how to get unlimited money What’s up everybody welcome back to a new video Today I am going to show you how to get unlimited money in rodeo stampede So, It’s Pretty Simple it is really really simple Continue Reading

Energy Crisis–Energy Drink Review #150 Red Bull Summer Edition

Hello, everyone. This is Energy Crisis, the energy drink… Report! well ladies and gentlemen, you can see it’s a real interesting change of venue, a scenic change of venue and perhaps you can say either coincidentally to the title of this video a perhaps warmer weather perhaps summertime change of Continue Reading

Exploitation or Rehabilitation?! The Truth About Prison Rodeos In The United States…

Red Bull’s False Advertising Settlement Backfires

RedBull is involved in a false advertising lawsuit and is giving a small settlement to anyone who has ever bought a RedBull. They will also be updating their slogan to the more accurate RedBull: It Gives You Ten Dollars Hey folks, welcome to the new show, I’m Ross Everett and Continue Reading

Coin commemorates The Queen as the longest reigning British Monarch

Queen Elizabeth the Second will become the longest serving British monarch next week. In anticipation, the Royal Mint has released a brand new coin to commemorate the event. The new coin is designed to show The Queen from five different portraits at various points throughout her 63-year-reign. The designer Stephen Continue Reading