Baby Born With Heart Outside Her Chest

BRYAN VIETZ: The heart was not in the right place. Is there anything that they can even do to fix it? BRYAN VIETZ: We got married six years ago on a beach in North Carolina. Yeah, when we found out that we were pregnant, we were very excited. CAITLIN: Yeah. Continue Reading

Penis Enlargement: Bathmate Hydromax! | Big Penis Results!

Penis Enlargement Results. You can get a big penis too. This penis pump can improve your penis and sex. Bathmate Hydromax is the best-selling penis pumps in the world! Enjoy your sex today. Hi there, my name is Justin Josh. As you can see, here’s my friend showing his big Continue Reading

Baby Orangutan Learns To Climb After Being Shot

COMM: This traumatised baby orangutan was injured when his mother was shot dead in West Borneo. COMM: Named Didik, he’s been in the care of International Animal Rescue since June. COMM: When he was found, he had a bullet lodged in his shoulder and was suffering from severe malnutrition. COMM: Continue Reading

TEDxLondonBusinessSchool 2012 – Riley Senft – Running against cancer

Translator: Bighead Ge Reviewer: ANTONIO RODRÍGUEZ DE LA TORRE Hi, I’m Riley, I am an anesthesiologist from Vancouver, and last summer I ran across Canada. My story begins in 2007 when my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had surgery to remove his prostate in the spring of 2008. Continue Reading

Bull Race Maharashtra

Lata Mangeshkar, Multi Specialty Hospital, Nagpur For Emergency Call on +91-712 2536409 Admission for Medical Student , contact NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science Con. 07104-306100

Lady Of The Hunt: Alpha Male Comes Out As Transgender Woman

COMM: As master of the hunt, Graham Pascoe was the embodiment of the red blooded alpha male, with a lifestyle to envy. But the married father of two was living a lie. Inside, he was a woman. SUE: I was in constant conflict with myself. I wanted to be Sue, Continue Reading

Boo-Boo Present – South Park – “SHOTS!!!” – s23e03

[ Snoring ] [ Keys jangle ] [ Door creaks ] Alright, alright. Bring him in! The little boy’s room is upstairs. Oh, I don’t know if I can go through with this. My little Eric is going to be so mad at me! Look, by the time he knows Continue Reading