Matador (company) | Wikipedia audio article

Matador, a.s. (a joint-stock company) is a multinational car tire producer based in Púchov, Slovakia, as well as the corresponding group of companies. It exports above 87% of its production into 80 countries worldwide. It does not produce only tires, but also associated and similar products and services. It has Continue Reading

Carmen – Toreador Song (Bizet; Kostas Smoriginas, The Royal Opera)

Let me praise you in return For we matadors understand you soldiers We share your taste for a fight It’s a holiday, and the bullring’s packed from top to bottom The crowd’s going mad Everyone’s shouting The air’s turning blue, tempers are running high It’s a celebration of courage, a Continue Reading

Benefits of Double Skinned Hood BBQ – Matador BBQ’s

One of the signs to look out for in a great barbie, is a double-skinned hood. You’ll find many Matador barbecues, including the Boss, come with this great feature, which acts a little bit like double glazing on a window. So it heats up a lot faster and seals in Continue Reading

Обзор летней шины Matador MP 46 Hectorra 2 ● Автосеть ●

Matador MP 46 Hectorra 2 – это летняя шина для автомобилей среднего класса. И если судить по названию, перед нами не кто иной, как задира. Наверное, тем самым словацкая компания подразумевает пылкий, скоростной характер шины. Но важно понимать, что это не спортивная модель. Скорее, это шина, которую не шатает из Continue Reading

Matador’s synthetic stocks

Hello everybody! Unfortunately it is raining today, so we make vid in the workshop I don’t want to get wet under the rain So, no vivid picture of your beautiful nature. I have a good news for you. We got, at last, plastic stocks for Matador, which were were waiting Continue Reading

BBQ Gas Bottle Safety – Matador BBQ’s

Before you start using your Matador barbecue, you should check your gas connections. Make sure that the hose and regulator are tightly fitted to the barbecue and gas bottle. To test for leaks, pour a soapy water solution over all connections and turn on the gas. If you smell any Continue Reading

New Alfa barrel 22 test

So, what it was about? So, up two targets are standard, down two targets are long Matador. Barrels from Alfa Presision, caliber .22 The new barrels, they made based on the new technology they tried. they are poligonal. I tested them here yesterday for 50-100 shots each of them. And Continue Reading

Self-Defense Basics: Lesson 8 – Pull and Turn

Hello again. Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Welcome to Lesson #8 in your Self-Defense Basics Course. In Lesson #7, we talked about scaring off a bad guy by getting in his space and in his face. But what if the bad guy gets in your space first? What Continue Reading