I am not afraid

Я не боюсь выразить свое мнение, Все, давайте, идите за мной, Мы вместе пройдем этот путь, сквозь шторм, Как бы там ни было: жарко или холодно. Просто знай, что ты не один. Окликни меня, если поймешь, что мы идем одной дорогой.. All truth of life!

Leshiy 2 Red Dot scope vs Pepsi Cola Anna’s shooting

Hello everybody! You are back on my chanal! I believe some of you would like to know why I didn’t make new vids for so long? And the reason is here. Right now I want to present you the new gun from my dady — Leshiy 2. I am going Continue Reading

Amazing Beef Ramen in Tokyo

This is a revolution. Luxurious Roast Beef Ramen. Welcome to Kitasenju. Up on the north east side of Tokyo. This is Brian from Ramen Adventures and Yummy Japan. And we are here at Matador. Matador Ramen. This place was huge on the scene about 2 and half years ago. They Continue Reading

Give from Your Heart

I chose to study geographic information systems for my undergraduate program because it’s such a powerful analytic compliment to field research. As a geomorphologist, I’m concerned with how Earth’s features are formed. But as a geographer I’m concerned with the spatial distribution of these features. It’s one thing to go Continue Reading

Matador Dhaka banijjo mela.মেটাডোর প্যাভিলিয়ন ঢাকা বাণিজ্য মেলা ২০২০.DIFT 2020.

Welcome to Dhaka International trade fair 2020 In this video i will be shwing you MATADOR pavilion in banijjo mela All this are very good quality and BD stationery and candy also few household things and more Keep on watching

Breaking news Jul 9, 2017 :Pamplona horror as bull changes course to hurl man in air

Pamplona horror as bull changes course to hurl man in air and trample him at bull run The second run of this year’s world-famous festival started in dramatic fashion with one runner being upended just seconds after the start and another foreign-looking man being hurled into the air by one Continue Reading

MEL-O-TOONS (Series Collection) – Miguel the Mighty Matador (1960)

Mel-O-Toons presents Miguel the Mighty Matador ♪ In Spain, in the town of Caramba Seville, ♪ ♪ lived the bravest matador of them all. ♪ ♪ His name was Juan Pablo Garcia Miguel. ♪ ♪ He was 3 feet and 2 inches tall. ♪ ♪ When night cast a cloak Continue Reading