We don’t know why sharks bite people

I can’t really think of any other animal that gets as much press as sharks. There are very few animals that have a whole week of television programming dedicated to them. In fact, I would argue it’s built into our DNA to like things that are a little scary. It’s Continue Reading

TINY FISHES UNWELCOME SEA CREATURE Tiny Animal Stop Motion Animation Cartoons

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Facts: The Mako Shark

The mako shark is one of the fastest predators in the ocean. They can reach speeds of around 40mph(64kmh). And leap out of the water 20ft into the air. Makos are located in most tropical and temperate ocean waters around the world. They may be found lurking at the surface Continue Reading

Two arctic Beluga whales filmed off Northumberland coast

A rare sighting in the UK…. The moment white Beluga whales were spotted off the Northumberland coast has been captured on film. Those on Warkworth beach on Bank Holiday weekend would’ve caught a glimpse of two Arctic Belugas swimming close to the shore. Extremely rare visitors to our waters, Belugas Continue Reading

Why Don’t Sharks Have Bones?

Hello! This week is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, which some of us here on the internet aren’t huge fans of, so instead of sensationalizing sharks or just making stuff up about megalodons still existing, we thought we’d talk about science with the understanding that reality is actually pretty Continue Reading