Do Animals Cheat On Each Other?

From foxes, to lions, to even pandas, join me as I reveal to you some of the top cheaters in the animal kingdom, as well as those that mate for life! 13. Wolves Wolves are known for many things in the world, and not all of them are good things. Continue Reading

Clarks Siddal Step SKU:8816447

Hey, everybody. My name is Richard Today we’re checking out these super comfortable shoes from Clarks Now these have a perforated leather upper that looks really nice Gonna keep your toes breathing up in the front Got that nice stretchy panel here on the top So you can slip your Continue Reading

Lucky Brand Hutchins SKU: 9032208

Hey everyone, my name is Richard from and today we are taking a peep at Hutchins from Lucky Brand Now these have that premium leather and suede material throughout the upper use that nice kind of contrasting style between the back and the front there it’s got those goring Continue Reading

Penis Enlargement: Bathmate Hydromax! | Big Penis Results!

Penis Enlargement Results. You can get a big penis too. This penis pump can improve your penis and sex. Bathmate Hydromax is the best-selling penis pumps in the world! Enjoy your sex today. Hi there, my name is Justin Josh. As you can see, here’s my friend showing his big Continue Reading

Cheeky Elephant Crosses Railway Track

COMM: This male Indian elephant wants to cross the railway lines. COMM: Thankfully, he’s found a level crossing. COMM: He is a tuskless male known as Makhna, and he can probably walk straight through the barrier if he wanted. Instead, he spends a bit of time working out how to Continue Reading

Male versus Female Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Is it a boy or a girl? How do you tell sharks apart? I’m Jonathan Bird and this is Shark Academy! With many fish, it’s extremely hard to tell a male from a female unless you’re a highly-trained marine biologist. But what about with sharks? Sharks are easy! The male Continue Reading

Giraffes Go Neck-To-Neck In Epic Fight

COMM: This incredible scene shows two giraffes coming neck to neck in a fight for a female’s affections. COMM: Wild-Life Tours owners, Steven Mecinski and Britt van Meegen, spotted the standoff while guiding some visitors through the area. COMM: Giraffes can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and their necks alone Continue Reading

Why Male Mammoths Lost the Game (w/ TierZoo!)

Hey everyone, we have an exciting announcement! Just in time for the holidays, you can now get your own cozy, Eons socks! Now you can stay warm while showcasing the layers of rock and fossils that help reveal the history of life on Earth. Get yours at!! About 140,000 Continue Reading

Angry Hippos In Brutal Fight

COMM: Hippopotamus, the most dangerous mammal in Africa. COMM: This brutal battle between two male hippos in South Africa’s iSimangaliso Wetland Park was captured by a safari group at the end of a long day. COMM: Hippos have very short tempers and if initial vocal intimidation doesn’t work, they fight Continue Reading

Lady Of The Hunt: Alpha Male Comes Out As Transgender Woman

COMM: As master of the hunt, Graham Pascoe was the embodiment of the red blooded alpha male, with a lifestyle to envy. But the married father of two was living a lie. Inside, he was a woman. SUE: I was in constant conflict with myself. I wanted to be Sue, Continue Reading