GORYNYCH – Red Bull Can You Make It 2018 – SPb Russia

Many years ago due to anomaly three guys with super power were born. They grow up together as brothers, but then were separated. One of them have an ability to travel on all types of transport. The second one to open all doors with his magical artifact. And the last Continue Reading

Emmy Tries Bull TESTICLES For The 1st Time – Rocky Mountain Oyster Recipe & Taste Test

Greetings my beautiful lovelies. Its Emmy. Welcome back. Today, I’m gonna be cooking up some testicles. Yes, testicles — you know, reproductive organs that are located inside of a scrotum, you know hanging down below. Yes. I’m gonna be cooking those today. They’re also known as Rocky Mountain Oysters; Prairie Continue Reading

Coke + Milk + Red Bull Reaction Experiment

Today, I’m gonna show you what happens if you mix these three popular drinks together. Coke, Red Bull and Milk, and I’ll be pouring them all into this glass. We’ll start with the Coke. Pour some in. Then add some Milk. You can see that it goes a light brown Continue Reading

BMX Full Loop Attempt – Red Bull Full Pipe part 3

Maybe this can’t be done with a BMX. It’s been three days that I’ve been at Pielie Trikalon. This place is fantastic. It has mountains, and everything is so green. And most important it has full pipe. I came here early to watch the construction, and if it suits me. Continue Reading

Toys in School? Pretend Play DIY Slime, Squishy School Supplies Pranks

Bringing toys to school sure sounds like a ton of fun. But if you make these epic toy school supplies make sure to only use them during breaks. They will bring a lot of joy to you and your classmates for sure! First candy, then makeup and now this?! Both Continue Reading

[SKIRT] S105-1.고어 스커트 GORED SKIRT

Hello, this is Sunny from Evergreen Pattern School. Lesson 5, we are going to learn how to make a gore skirt today. Let us check out some features of the gore skirt. If a skirt has more than one vertical seam line, it is called a “Gore Skirt.” And blocks Continue Reading

[SKIRT] S105-2. 고어 스커트 GORED SKIRT

We have a copy of block used by block on manila paper. The bottom opening with two waist darts will have wider than one waist dart’s bottom opening. Let’s have a 19″ length. First of all, from the center line, 19″, 18″, 19″ Draw a length by this point. Since Continue Reading

[SKIRT] S105-3. 고어 스커트 GORED SKIRT

The 3rd Style, we are going to learn how to make a 16-piece gore skirt. It is also called either ‘Trumpet Skirt’ or ‘Bell Skirt’ as well. First of all, Let’s have a long blank sheet because the length is going to be 32″ for this skirt. and we will Continue Reading