Okay guys it’s day three of the trip we are on, the Wild Atlantic Way. We’re about to fly over the ocean to the Aran Islands It’s early morning, it’s a little bit overcast but the Aran islands are supposedly gorgeous and we have a lot of really cool stuff Continue Reading

NO LE DES AL BOTÓN | The Stanley Parable

LOLXDMAFIA – Lory Money – Santa Claus (PROD.KILLCHRIS)

Recreational Rodeo with Leslie Jones | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 5 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Oh, snookie dookie. “Snookie dookie” is a new word that I’ve been using a lot lately. The word I use when I get excited. And today, I am excited. I’m excited because I’m picking up Leslie jones. ( laughter ) – What up, lady? – What’s up, man? – Let Continue Reading

Media Lost #7: Rodeo Bloopers

I’m going to be honest with you. Good rodeo, bad rodeo. I can’t really tell the difference. Allegedly this is a sport and as such it was subject to a blooper compilation. This was the early’ 90s. But what exactly is a rodeo blooper? Well hang on to your hats Continue Reading

Adventures in Cub Scouts

So originally, I was gonna make a video talking about boy scouts, because I was a boyscout. But then as I was writing the script I thought about all the fun things I did as a cub scout. So here we are! Cub scouts is something you can do before Continue Reading

Netherlands’ Oldest Extreme Sport – Red Bull Fierste Ljepper

I felt this jump was really special. I was so high up on the pole. It was more than a meter higher than normal. The time in the air was longer than ever. A very special feeling.

SpongeBob SquarePants | ‘That’s a Rodeo’ Music Video | Nickelodeon UK

♫ Critters that you gotta wrangle ♫ Cowboy suits with purty spangles ♫ Boots with spurs that jingle jangle ♫ That’s a rodeo ♫ Tight blue jeans you gotta squeeze in ♫ But they sure look mighty pleasin’ ♫ Big belt buckles are always in season ♫ That’s a rodeo Continue Reading

집사는 투우사 페럿은 소 !! : 페럿과 놀아주는 방법(Eng)

Hello! I’m Yongsiku, jeppi’s butler. As a routine day, after work, I came back home and got changed. Jeppi really dashed for my clothes At then, I got something in my head… a bullfight It must be perfect for YouTube OK! Let me start a bullfight in earnest. You… are Continue Reading