10 McDonald’s Menu Items That Even The Staff Won’t Eat (Part 3)

For a fast-food brand that has ‘I’m lovin’ it’ as its motto, it is quite contradictory when its own staff refuses to eat certain menu items, let alone love them. Whether it’s items on the menu now, or items that were discontinued, these are 10 more McDonald’s menu items that Continue Reading

Top 10 Discontinued Snacks THAT ARE BACK!!!

Don’t you hate it when your favorite snack foods are discontinued? Just when you’ve found your niche, they take it away, leaving you in the cold and left scrambling to find the next best thing. Here are the Top 10 Snacks That Have Returned. Twinkies Twinkie’s used to be the Continue Reading

15 McDonald’s Items You CAN’T Buy In America (Part 2)

Mickey D’s fans will enjoy learning about more McDonald’s Items that aren’t available in the USA. Discovering international menu items from this fast food giant can be a lot of fun. So let’s tour the world and check out 15 McDonald’s Items You CAN’T Buy In America (Part 2). Red Continue Reading

10 Most BIZARRE Creatures Created By Science!

From fish that glow in the dark to animal human hybrids, here are 10 creatures created by scientists that will make you wonder, has science gone too far? 10. Spider-Goats Wait, what?! After the inception of Spiderman in Marvel Studios, researchers at Utah State University and the University of Wyoming Continue Reading

10 Controversial Facts About Red Bull

10. Red Bull Cola was briefly banned in parts of Germany as it contained cocaine. With 0.13 micrograms per can you’d have to drink 12,000 liters to feel the drug’s effect. 09. Brooke Robertson lived on a Red Bull diet for 8 months, drinking 10 to 14 cans a day. Continue Reading

10 HIDDEN Images in Famous Logos!

– It turns out there’s more being advertised to you than you even know. The FedEx logo is possibly one of the most famous logos with a hidden message, and that’s mostly because when you see what’s hidden in plain sight, you don’t have just one, but two, “Oh,” moments. Continue Reading

World’s RAREST Horse Breeds Ever!

Hi, it’s Katrina! From German horses with very hard to pronounce names to American horses that are almost extinct, here are 8 of the rarest, most beautiful horses in the world!! 8. Akhal-Teke This heavenly horse is also the national emblem of Turkmenistan! This kind of horse is known worldwide Continue Reading

Lucky Fishermen Who Caught Never-Before-Seen Creatures

– Fishing’s a popular sport because of how exciting it is to never know what you’re going to catch. Poking your rod into the deepest, darkest depths may catch you a boot, but even rarer than that, you may discover an entirely new species never seen before. Here are some Continue Reading

Animals ADOPTING Other Animal Species!

From gorillas adopting kittens to hippos taking care of turtles, here are 11 animals who adopted other animals! 11. Gorilla and Kittens You might be familiar with Koko the Gorilla because of her famous friendship with actor and comedian Robin Williams. She’s well known for her role in language research Continue Reading

Top 10 Animals Specially Bred For Blood Sports

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