Lion Hunt Warthog ( Sadly end ) Crazy


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Lion Eats Buffalo Alive ( Insane pain )

patient pls

Family Loses Home To Keep Their Tigers And Lions

JUSTIN FERNANDES: I have lost my whole home. I have lost everything. But the main thing that kept me waking up every morning? All these cats! MAXINE FERNANDES: So as the cats come into our lives, we look after them, we treat them like our own children, we bring them Continue Reading

Lion Loves His Pet Wiener Puppy Dog | Love Nature

Winwood Oklahoma is a wildlife refuge that’s home to a variety of creatures due to the recent strains on the economy many places that shelter animals have been forced to shut down leaving them in need of a new place to go also at the part lives a more familiar Continue Reading

When Cape Buffalo Attack

Number 6 Larry Trotter II Larry Trotter II was on a 25-day archery hunting safari when he was brutally attacked by a Cape buffalo. At the last minute, his tour guides reportedly convinced him to include the large bovine on his list of game. Less than half an hour into Continue Reading

Ancient Gods ‘IF’ The Lion Men are More than Myth?

The history of humanity is filled with strange sub-species of hominid and long lost missing links. It would seem that the human form has existed in many shapes and forms over the millions of years we have been walking this planet. From recent discoveries like the Denisova hominin and Homo Continue Reading


On the island of komodo indonesia. Live one of the scariest creatures. A giant lizard with the bite of death. All animals that inhabit this island, can become prey of these creatures. Even humans have already been its victims. The buffalo. Weighing up to a ton is a strong animal Continue Reading

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Animal finger family children nursery rhymes