New Animal Planet Dinosaur Invasion Set Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing – WD Toys

guys it’s great to see you again i’m so glad you came back we’re gonna have another also enjoy the opening today New Animal Planet Dinosaur Invasion Set Vs Bull T-Rex Jurassic World Unboxing – WD Toys hi I’m WD and welcome to my toy channel let’s see what we Continue Reading

Will It Pickle? Taste Test

– Today we ask the age old question. Will It Pickle? Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning! As you know, on this show, we are in the habit of finding out if things will. Mm-hm. And the thing we are going to be finding out if things Continue Reading

GT Sport Lap Guide: Fraga on how to master Red Bull Ring in the wet

Hello guys, my name is Igor Fraga and I’m very excited to show you guys what the rain looks like in the GT Sport. A feature that like a lot of people was waiting for a long time here on GT Sport. My first impression is basically, you know, you Continue Reading

The Best Travel Backpack? // Matador Unboxing

Hello, I hope that all of you are having an amazing holiday season. Me I just got sick, I’m just getting over a cold actually so I might sound a little bit different I don’t know, I feel like I sound different like my voice is a little bit different Continue Reading

Ozzy Man Reviews: Greatest Drunk Fight Ever

Welcome to fight day. Here we have a young fella struggling with his pants. He really wants to smash old mate But he trips himself up! He manages to get to his feet. And now he mounts a big attack. A series of lightning fast kicks. Unfortunately, he is struggling Continue Reading

[ENG SUB]Hua Chenyu “The Ode for Red Cliffs” + Q&A || Esquire Fine 華晨宇 時尚先生

Esquire Fine Magazine Excerpts from “The Ode for the Red Cliff” Written by Su Shi, Song Dynasty On July 16th of this autumn in the year Ren Xu (Year name in Chinese Calendar) The breeze gently blew And left no ripples behind White mists veiled the river Shimmering water dissolved Continue Reading