Cooking In The Kishen | Chill Day!! (Scrambled Eggs!)

Ah Yo, what’s good already messing up it was going on guys I know the camera angle it’s atrocious right now, okay Yeah, welcome all you wonderful wonderful people are the wonderful wonderful shinobi welcome back to another video today Let me doing something a little bit different. I know Continue Reading

Capítulo: Globos excitantes 🕺🎈💋 | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo

and ready for today’s next case. We’ll begin with a quote by Spanish psychologist Raquel Aldana. Here’s what Raquel says. “We’re a balloon full of emotions in a world of pins.” That’s deep. Send the parties in. I’ll tell you what, my daughter won’t live with a looner. No one Continue Reading

Madonna – Like A Prayer (Official Music Video)

[SIRENS WAILING] ♪♪ [DOOR SLAMS SHUT] [SOULFUL CHORAL MUSIC] ♪ Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone ♪ ♪ I hear you call my name ♪ ♪ And it feels like home ♪ [UPBEAT POP MUSIC] ♪ When you call my name it’s like a little prayer ♪ ♪ Continue Reading

Rescue An Abandoned Dog With A Big Tumor | Amazing Transformation Of Starving Dog

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Why the Bone-In Tomahawk Is the Best Cut of Steak — Prime Time

– Did they tell you that when you apply here, like you’re gonna have a front row seat to awkward first dates when your cooking? – Yeah, break ups. All sorts of good… – Oh no. – Fucking breakups? – We have a little thing in the back where so Continue Reading

Guy Gets His Tiny, Deformed Tortoise Wheels To Help Him Walk | The Dodo Little But Fierce

He came to me and I’m like, “Oh my God.” A close friend said, “Listen, I got this really deformed tortoise. He can’t walk but if you want to work with him, I’ll send him your way.” So I said, “All right. Well, I’ll give it a chance.” Helix was Continue Reading

Scrambled Eggs Ruin Lives | Bad Box Art | Ep. 8 | BlastphamousHD, ReallyFreakinClever, and friends

[SOUND] Welcome to Bad Box Art, where we take vintage video game boxes, remove the titles, show it to people who have never seen it before and make them guess the game’s plot. [SOUND] [MUSIC] God Jesus.>>That’s beautiful.>>My gosh, why?>>This screams 80s.>>He’s got a buzz cut so maybe he’s military.>>He’s Continue Reading

Niño de Elche et Fadjen taureau anti corrida “Canté Fadjen”

I would like to explain I would like, I would like to tell Tell you why Why , why, “FADJEN” Why so much pain “FADJEN” Only looking at you You understand “FADJEN” that I love you And also you understand I want to talk and I can not They blame Continue Reading


Alright guys, welcome to KORNEA! We didn’t make a comeback for a while When EXO made comeback we are making too, like this :DddDDD I missed to be lynched :d So i come back No no, you love EXO, so you won’t be lynched Yes, I always lynched in Red Continue Reading