[CC/FULL] Return EP08 (1/3) | 리턴

You’re under arrest for the murder of Yum Mi-Jung. I will reveal In-ho’s innocence. You and Oh Tae-suk, 1 billion each. What does this look like to you? Let me ask you again. Did you know the victim 10 years ago? I didn’t know. Let me change the question. You Continue Reading

[CC/FULL] Innocent Defendant EP10 (1/3) | 피고인

You’ll end up wanting to see me again, Cha Min-ho. [Cha Min-ho] Tell them to turn their car around immediately. Yes, sir. Let’s turn around, we’re going back to Woljung. Ha-yun. Innocent Defendant 3866, there was an error in the system. Take him. Yes, sir. Cha Min-ho. It’s my fault. Continue Reading

[CC/FULL] Innocent Defendant EP14 (1/3) | 피고인

It looks like I won, Prosecutor Park Jung-woo. You crazy bastard. I said I won! If you touch Ha-yun… it’s the end for you too. Now, then… good luck to you. Stop right there! Stop. Suspect on the run, suspect on the run. Stop right there! Suspect found, he’s going Continue Reading

[CC/FULL] Innocent Defendant EP13 (2/3) | 피고인

Yes. I think we’ll find Lee Sun-kyu soon. Okay, got it. Secretary Kim. Yes, sir. You’re keep looking at me, is something wrong? It’s nothing. What’s going on? Is the stock accounting charge true? Are you accepting the charge of creating slush funds? Is it true that you ordered to Continue Reading

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