I’m a Matador: Richard Foos

When I first set foot on campus, I was energized to be part of an inclusive community. CSUN provided me with the freedom to explore, the confidence to pursue my dreams and a greater understanding of the world around me. When I left CSUN I was ready to make my Continue Reading

I’m a Matador: Robert Hilburn

When I first set foot on campus I was a sponge, ready to soak it all in. I gained invaluable insights at CSUN, about culture, society, life. I learned my craft at CSUN, to peer beneath the surfaces to assess, to write. When I left CSUN, I was ready to Continue Reading

Victoria Federica y Gonzalo Caballero, la foto que demuestra que son inseparables

La hija de la infanta Elena y Jaime de Marichalar comparte con el torero una bonita amistad, ¿o noviazgo? La hija de la infanta Elena y Jaime de Marichalar ha vuelto a dejarse ver con el torero Gonzalo Caballero Aunque los primeros en ser amigos fueron Froilán de Marichalar y Continue Reading


Vayas a donde vayas estaré presente haciéndote el aguante con esta gente todos de la cabeza descontrolados siempre te seguiremos a todos lados dale matadores… Esta es la banda loca del matadooor la que se coge a los putos del pirata la que se coge a los putos de los Continue Reading

[SKIRT] S105-1.고어 스커트 GORED SKIRT

Hello, this is Sunny from Evergreen Pattern School. Lesson 5, we are going to learn how to make a gore skirt today. Let us check out some features of the gore skirt. If a skirt has more than one vertical seam line, it is called a “Gore Skirt.” And blocks Continue Reading

INFIERNO ROJINEGRO – El Agvante (Matador)

Melgar es un sentimiento, que lo llevo en el corazón Yo daría toda mi vida por ser campeón Vamo’ Leóoooon Vamo’ Leóoooon Vamo’ Leóoooon Vamo’ Leóoooon Señores soy de Areqvipa y tengo Agvante Yo sigo a la Rojinegra por todas partes Melgar es un sentimiento, que lo llevo en el Continue Reading

[SKIRT] S105-2. 고어 스커트 GORED SKIRT

We have a copy of block used by block on manila paper. The bottom opening with two waist darts will have wider than one waist dart’s bottom opening. Let’s have a 19″ length. First of all, from the center line, 19″, 18″, 19″ Draw a length by this point. Since Continue Reading

Joe Pesci In Raging Bull – Beating Up Scene

I saw him fight with Janiro, I couldn’t believe it– destroyed this guy, it was absolutely incredible. He knocked his nose from one side of his face to the other. – You’ve gotta be kiddin’. – Fuckin’ thing was hangin’ off. Who you fightin’ next? Can you tell me? I Continue Reading