Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 – Day 5 “Final Day”

Saddle up and put on your mx googles! Cause it’s time for the Red Bull Romaniacs. It’s dirty it’s hard and it makes grown man cry. 5 days of dirt, pain, exhaustion and sweat. Get ready and start your engine, it’s the Red Bull Romaniacs When I’m not racing, I’m Continue Reading

Hard Enduro Racing through a Coal Mine – Red Bull 111 Megawatt

Mine. Mine. Of course — Coal mine. The biggest man-made hole. Great riding area. – Fun. – Motocross. Red Bull 111 Megawatt. ♪ (dynamic rock music) ♪ Taddy Błażusiak Tadek Błażusiak Tadek Błażusiak Tadek. Red Bull. Great event. Master class. Man with style. Master. Idol. Legend. My mate. A way Continue Reading all’Erzberg Rodeo con Giò Sala e KTM – 3° puntata! [ENLISH SUB]

what have you done? You’re starting in 5th row! I was kinda scared of high speeds, it was very very fast but now you know the track and we have set up the bike, you should be fine you have do to much better today! Otherwise on Sunday you’ll get Continue Reading all’Erzberg Rodeo con Giò Sala e KTM – 1° puntata! [ENGLISH SUB]

2 months before Hey Giò! This year I’d like to race at the Erzberg, could you be my coach? are you going for racing, or just for fun? Obviously to race well! It has 6 gears, it’s pretty aggressive! It’s a pretty long trip to go to the Erzberg but Continue Reading

Freefly BASE jump in Norway – Red Bull Soul Flyers

So I will end up above and I will be in a seated position, and at that moment we can release. Then I just have to position myself flat and go. all’Erzberg Rodeo con Giò Sala e KTM – 2° puntata! [ENGLISH SUB]

We’re finally in Erzberg! Aimone, I have a surprise for you: you won’t be riding the 4 strokes, yet the 2 strokes injection one, let’s go take a look! it’s amazing, it’s a 300 cc with electronic injection, it’s a prototype. We’re the only one using it. Let’s put the Continue Reading

Life Behind Bars: Rampage and Rally Racing | S1E15

Ski Racing Behind Motorcycles – Red Bull Twitch ‘n’ Ride 2015

The track is very complicated. Even the most experienced say it’s serious. The track is good for falls. At the finish I crawled, aside the track. Didn’t get back on the track. At the first race start we were second. Quickly became the first, but at the last lap, right Continue Reading