SKAM FRANCE EP.2 S5 : Mardi 11h52 – Sprint

(Buzzing) – Thank you. Have a nice day. – So how did it go ? Arthur! Arthur! Arthur! (Buzzing) (Someone’s knocking on the door) (Buzzing) Dude, are you okay? Dude! Are you okay, man? – Uh … I’m fine, What about you? – Good. Hold on, can you hear me Continue Reading

Here’s Why Falcon And Winter Soldier Is Suspending Filming

Sam and Bucky appear to have hit a snag. Production on the upcoming Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which was to shoot for two weeks on the island of Puerto Rico, has been suspended after twin earthquakes rocked the area. It’s not yet clear when shooting on the Continue Reading

#225 How to Insulate a Boat

hi everybody how you doing hope you’re doing good well we’re back here on the boat and we’re keeping an eye out on the weather so we can cruise and leave this place even though we love being here it’s beautiful those have you been following us know that we’re Continue Reading

Metal Detecting Among “Animals”… PART 2 – The Mysterious Object

Let’s jump to the last find… A very weak signal. And a huge, very shallow Roman coin. GPS (“POI”) #7. Why was the signal that bad? I will do a short air test. This is a 33cm (13″) mark. Slightly above on this gigantic bronze coin. Nevertheless a very weak Continue Reading


Bonjourno, YouTube! Trev here, Summit or Nothing hiking and wild camping in Snowdonia of all places Joined this week by Joss – How do? – Fellow youtuber and creator of the Great Outdoors TV Facebook page so this is Joss’s neck of the woods so he’s my tour guide today Continue Reading

EPHEMERA – Horror Short Film

(offscreen) I’ll be with you in a moment. It’s an impressive collection. Thank you kindly. It wouldn’t be possible without your employer’s services. You said you’re a new hire, correct? (offscreen) Yes sir I am. Well, thank you for coming out. Now, not to waste time, you do have the Continue Reading

[S2 – Eps. 41] My motorcycle and me are boiling in the desert in Argentina

Yeah, it’s… I’m struggling a little bit Happy 2020 internet and welcome back to the channel! So welcome in the new year in which we are going to do a lot of riding and a lot of exploring and I’m really looking forward to riding the entire year. But let’s Continue Reading

BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Andy] Hot Wheels finally gets to prove itself on a real raceway. – You’re goin’ down, little car. – [Narrator] A Hot Wheels production. Hosted by Andy Riesmeyer – This is Willow Springs international raceway. Deep in the California desert. More than just one track, it’s a bunch of Continue Reading


SSSOUUUUUWWEEEE Whats up its just dustin I’m back with another video back back building bangers, and they got the whole crew me today. I got a omari midz?!?! (i dont f’ing know)I got my boi wolfie Camera guy, but butts ways is lazy, baby Swazzie baby get my good side Continue Reading

Does He Work as a Carpet or Salesman or In Fashion? | Guess My Shopify Business Ep.12

– Ohhhh! – It’s like I’m taking the SAT again! – [Narrator] What do you think these people have in common? Each works a regular nine to five, but they’re also holding down a surprising side hustle. Can you guess what it is? (funk music) A team of four strangers Continue Reading