Rare parrot that looks like a ‘dinosaur/chicken’ born at Chester Zoo

One little birdie is getting some special attention at Chester Zoo as they welcome the birth of a rare parrot. The month-old hyacinth macaw chick is being hand-reared by zookeepers after it was hatched in an incubator. The tiny chick, who keepers have named Jessie because they can’t tell the Continue Reading

Dramatic storm: Freak Russian hailstorm sends beachgoers screaming on hot summer day

Beachgoers in Russia got more than a bit of suntan when a freak storm sent them running and screaming for cover. On one of the hottest days of the summer, the skies opened up plunging huge chunks of hailstones into the ground and sea. Shocking pictures show the moment the Continue Reading

Arson attack on church where Jesus fed 5,000

A fire has gutted part of the church where Christians believe Jesus performed the miracle of feeding the 5,000. The Israeli Fire Brigade has ruled this arson – following the results of a preliminary investigation that showed the fire broke out in several places inside the church. An eyewitness describes Continue Reading

A baby is rescued from rubble in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo

This unbelievable footage was captured by Syrian rescue workers and shows a baby, said to be no more than two months old, being rescued from rubble in the war-torn city of Aleppo. The remarkable video shows the baby crying as her whole body, completely covered in dust, is extracted from Continue Reading

Huge explosion: 140m-high chimney detonated in Poland

A giant chimney in Poland is detonated with explosives – More than a thousand people came to watch the explosion, which took place at a retired heat plant in Lodz, in the centre of the country. Drone footage showed a huge cloud of dust and debris rising over nearby woodland Continue Reading

Student discovers giant Salamander as he walked to school in Japan

A giant salamander slowly and casually walking down a footpath. A student in Japan found the metre long amphibious creature on his morning commute to school. I was just walking without really paying any attention to it but once I got close to it, it started to move. That’s when Continue Reading

Laughing Yoga: Workers in Hong Kong get the giggles

Bad day at work? Well, how about a bit of laughter yoga? Yeah, consultancy firm ‘Inspire 2 Aspire’ run the classes, which boss Mahesh believes eases stress and increases productivity and creativity among staff. When they are doing laughter yoga with us, and we’ve incorporated all of development into it, Continue Reading

Why Zimbabwe is killing its currency

35 quadrillion Zim dollars. That’s what one US dollar will cost you in Zimbabwe. The country has finally laid its worthless local currency to rest – giving Zimbabweans until September to make the switch to the American dollar. The move doesn’t come as a suprise to many as 90 per Continue Reading

15,000 marijuana plants found in Peru by police

Police discovered 15,000 marijuana plants on Sunday growing on a farm in south Peru. They reported hiking for almost 15km over uneven and rocky paths before they arrived at the plot containing more than five acres of the plants. Troops reportedly heard gunshots before they arrived at the large and Continue Reading

Vets give giant python ultrasound heart scan

Not everyone enjoys a trip to the doctor’s – espeically if you’re a 23 foot python who needs a ultrasound heart scan. Yes that’s right. Chester Zoo’s reptile resident, JF the python, had her annual check up. But not without the helping hands of ten zoo staff who had to Continue Reading