Dramatic footage: Huge fireballs rip through building in Canada

A three-alarm fire ripped through an industrial complex in Ontario, Canada, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Sending fireballs into the night sky and producing smoke that affected residents from as far as the Mountain area, the blaze erupted around midnight when cylinders filled with flammable liquids exploded. About Continue Reading

Growing baby hippo has play day in pool in San Diego Zoo

A new addition to the San Diego Zoo has made its debut, and it was certainly cute. With an audience of visitors watching on through an underground glass window, five-month-old baby hippo Devi made a big splash. The baby hippo looked like she was having fun exploring the pool with Continue Reading

Man in China builds his own Batmobile

Holy handywork Batman. A man in China has spent 70,000 yuan creating his own life-sized replica of the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. The replica was built out of recycled materials by Li Weilei at his workshop in Shanghai. And its not the first Batmobile the former actor and Continue Reading

Suicide bomber: Four killed in blast outside Kabul Airport

A suicide bomber has killed three foreign advisers and an Afghan interpreter. The man detonated himself outside Kabul International Airport. The nationalities of the foreign advisers are not known. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s attack. The explosion comes just days after one of the most audacious militant attacks Continue Reading

Red Devils parachute rescue caught on camera

This is the moment a dramatic rescue got underway after a Red Devils parachute failed to open in mid air. The parachutist had a lucky escape after a teammate came to his aid during a display at the Whitehaven Air Show in Cumbria. One of the men grabbed his colleagues’s Continue Reading

Rodeo school: How to ride a bucking bronco

Move over Montessori, there’s a new coolest school in town – well not any town nearby, but Australia’s first Rodeo School has opened in Mount Isa. The Isa Rodeo School is a prestigious academy in the arts of bronco and bull riding and being a rodeo clown, meaning that the Continue Reading

Coin commemorates The Queen as the longest reigning British Monarch

Queen Elizabeth the Second will become the longest serving British monarch next week. In anticipation, the Royal Mint has released a brand new coin to commemorate the event. The new coin is designed to show The Queen from five different portraits at various points throughout her 63-year-reign. The designer Stephen Continue Reading

Munro the penguin is weighed to check he’s bulking up before moulting season

As Munro the penguin bulks up for moulting season – staff at Taronga Zoo check his weight. When penguins shed their feathers, they can’t fish for food, so it’s important they prepare for the annual moulting season by building up fat reserves. Munro weighs in at 3.3 kilograms, before gulping Continue Reading

Social media campaign sees semi-naked photos with horses

“Will You Slow Down For Me Now” The Social Media campaign that’s seen horse riders strip off and ride naked in the hope of attracting attention. To their cause, of course. The point of their campaign is to persuade drivers to show more consideration to horse riders on country roads. Continue Reading

Typhoon Koppu hits the Philippines

In a town north of Manila, the weather hasn’t watered down the excitement of playtime for these children. But looking at the height of the waters – it’s clear why residents have been evacuated after Typhoon Koppu ripped through the area. At least 56 people have died. Some temporary evacuation Continue Reading