We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We’re At

What you’re looking at is a hermetically sealed glass laboratory. Scientists here are engineering special chips that could power the next computing revolution: a universal quantum computer. Chances are you’ve heard of quantum computer and that they’re going to change everything. “So quantum computers have the potential to completely change Continue Reading

Roadside BBQ and Caviar in New Brunswick

Joseph Parker – Joseph Parker | Highlights HD

Joseph Parker – Joseph Parker | Highlights HD

Declining Interest Rates as Central Banks Scramble to Prop Up the Stock Market (w/ David Rosenberg)

ED HARRISON: David Rosenberg, we’re here in your town, Toronto, talking to you about what’s happening, about the calls that you made before. But I want to talk also a little bit about Canada and, looking forward, whether or not it’s the same view. Last time we were talking, I Continue Reading

The Triumphant Return of Bonfire Live (feat. Tony Hinchcliffe)

– After Ari Shaffir exposed himself last night at Skankfest, we’re gonna emotionally expose ourselves. – I have so many Dan questions. – And I will threaten to suck Jay’s emotional dick. That’s what we are. We’re the afternoon show! ♪♪ ♪♪ (indistinct chatter) – I’m gonna go smoke a Continue Reading

Intense Staring Contest Between Gabriel Luna and Lilly Singh

-Y’all are on this crazy press tour where you’re traveling to all these different places. Mackenzie, are there any memorable moments that have happened on the tour thus far? -Well, we went to China recently, which was so fun and great, and everyone was really hospitable. And we had the Continue Reading

Known Snitch Tim Allen Don’t Play Spades | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

Yo while doing press for “Toy Story 4” a reporter asked Tom Hanks and known snitch Tim Allen about their connection to the culture. That’s right! Let me just backtrack if y’all don’t know Tim Allen snitched on a lot of people to avoid a lot of jail time. Look Continue Reading

Ellen Meets Inspiring Mom Koeberle Bull, Who Derailed a Potential Mass Shooting

I am heartbroken by the news out of Pittsburgh last weekend. And I am sending all of my love to our friends and our viewers there. And in times like these, people like our next guest give me hope. She is an incredible mom from Lumberton, New Jersey, whose gut Continue Reading

Cowboys in Calgary