Indoor Dual 09 – Rodeo Style pt 1 (stunt kite tutorial)

In this tutorial we’re going to touch on what I’ve come to call the rodeo technique. I really like the rodeo technique because it allows me to hold my ground and sometimes visually it’s a little bit more dynamic. The reason I call it the rodeo is because it almost Continue Reading

Downhill MTB through a Palace – Red Bull Ride the Palace 2012 Bulgaria

The architecture of the palace is very complicated, but it makes organizing such an event possible. We’ll see what happens when we go down stairs and escalators. The course is really narrow at times, which should make riding it interesting and difficult. We’re gonna do some crazy stuff.

Deep-water soloing competition in Spain – Red Bull Creepers 2014

Let’s take a swim. This is the first dip we take. Just look around at all the people who have gathered together to watch today’s show. I think Red Bull Creepers is going to be spectacular.