Giant Pit Bull Hulk’s $500,000 Puppy Litter | DOG DYNASTY

00:00 MARLON: The puppies could potentially be as big as Hulk, if they’re all trained as protection dogs they could be worth in excess of half a million dollars. Absolutely. 00:13 COMM: Dark Dynasty K9’s who breed protection dogs, made international headlines in early 2015, when they unveiled their prize Continue Reading

Worlds Largest Wild Bull | BAHUBALI BISON/BULL | A Formidable Tiger Prey

Gaur – The Worlds Largest Bull Forms a Part of Tiger’s Prey base despite its tremendous strength Some Tigers in Central India have been known to regularly hunt gaur despite its huge size But the Biggest Gaurs are still out of the league of even the strongest of Tigers

MONSTER BUG WARS | Death at Midnight | S1E1

Narrator: ln a bug’s world, life is always in the balance. There are so many ways to die. Around every corner, super-strength assassins… They are just incredibly fast with enormous force. Narrator: …bizarre weapons… They have absolutely insatiable appetite. Narrator: …and ruthless personalities. They are incredibly effective predators. Narrator: Every Continue Reading

Catalonia’s bullfight ban a huge victory

Spanish public welcomes victory of bullfighting ban in Catalonia. The Catalonian Parliament’s vote in favor of the region-wide prohibition of bullfighting was hailed internationally in the animal protection movement. Based a proposal originating from concerned animal welfare groups, the measure was supported by 180,000 citizens’ signatures, including those of many Continue Reading