[ENG SUB] Traveling – 160821 Hua Chenyu Shanghai Mars concert 环游 华晨宇上海演唱会

The next song… You don’t often hear it but… This song has been released for 3 years I only sing it in the concerts every year It’s called… [Martians: Traveling! ] Well,>>Composed by: Dúné Lyrics by: Changyou Meizhihui, Liu Yuan Arranged by: Dúné, Bernard Zheng I am standing at the Continue Reading

[ENG/SPA SUB] The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu || Part Two 华晨宇★音乐少年成长记第二期

There is no text in the music world No title There’s no lyrics There is only solitude in the space of growth I often spent a day at home alone The Martian teenager was not necessarily out of place He gradually becomes understanding Yet the genius singer has a special Continue Reading

[ENG/SPA/IND SUB] The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu || EP3

“The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu” Episode Three Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs Subscribe for more videos of Hua Hua There is no word in the music world No song title And no lyrics There is only solitude in the space of growing up I often spent a Continue Reading

[ENG SUB]《Hello Star》Hua Chenyu Interview《你好明星》本期水瓶座嘉宾华晨宇20190912

is such a great show Just come and watch I’ve got so many words to recommend it It is totally out of the description * Sponsor Advertisement *Dare to raise questions to turn an interview into a variety show Hello, Star Hello, Aquarius Hello everyone from Uncle Same I’m Hua Continue Reading

[ENG SUB] Fan-cam Cadillac Center Live Performance 凯迪拉克 华晨宇 20171105

Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State My lover she’s waiting for me just across the bar My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar, and So if by the Continue Reading

[ENG SUB] Hua Chenyu Interview || I Have a Small Question 華晨宇×我有一個小問題

When I got up this morning I weighted 104 Jin (52 Kg) Learn to cook I can be regarded as a person who doesn’t exist Or a person who receives food from others Wow, that’s pretty cool I am fed when everybody sees me It’s fabulous>Hello, friends from Headline Officer Continue Reading

[ENG SUB][HD Fancam] Arrival – Hua Chenyu 190907 Running Shark Music Festival 华晨宇易车音乐节

>Composed by: Hua Chenyu Lyrics: Ding Xueyan Arranged by: Bernard Zheng, Hua Chenyu La Vi Ah Vi Ah Vi Night arrives and spreads forgiveness, forgiveness La Vi Ah Vi Ah Vi Taking an evening stroll carefully in dreamland with a candle La Vi Ah Vi Ah Vi Grims feed the Continue Reading

[ENG SUB][FULL Fancam] Banana IP Galaxy (Music Festival) – Hua Chenyu 170422 华晨宇香蕉计划B.I.G嘉年华全程

2017.04.22 Banana IP Galaxy Music Festival>Composed by: Hua Chenyu, Joseeh Punmanlon Lyrics by: Joseeh Punmanlon, Hua Chenyu Arranged by: Bernard Zheng Something has been forgotten But I still remember there’s one night My mom asked why I was upset today I said there is a pair of skate shoes in Continue Reading

[ENG SUB][FULL HD Fancam] Running Shark Music Festival – Hua Chenyu 190907华晨宇易车音乐节全程

20190907 Chengdu Running Shark Music Festival>Composed by: Hua Chenyu Lyrics by: Guo Deziyi Arranged by: Bernard Zheng I don’t quite accept Not fighting back when being wronged I can’t quite go with The so-called “mainstream” Oh~ Sing it Tattooes or spiked-up hair Cannot represent me fully I don’t make excuses Continue Reading