[ENG/SPA SUB] The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu || Part Two 华晨宇★音乐少年成长记第二期

There is no text in the music world No title There’s no lyrics There is only solitude in the space of growth I often spent a day at home alone The Martian teenager was not necessarily out of place He gradually becomes understanding Yet the genius singer has a special Continue Reading

[ENG/SPA/IND SUB] The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu || EP3

“The Growing Up Story of Hua Chenyu” Episode Three Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs Subscribe for more videos of Hua Hua There is no word in the music world No song title And no lyrics There is only solitude in the space of growing up I often spent a Continue Reading

[ENG SUB]《Hello Star》Hua Chenyu Interview《你好明星》本期水瓶座嘉宾华晨宇20190912

is such a great show Just come and watch I’ve got so many words to recommend it It is totally out of the description * Sponsor Advertisement *Dare to raise questions to turn an interview into a variety show Hello, Star Hello, Aquarius Hello everyone from Uncle Same I’m Hua Continue Reading

[ENG SUB] Fan-cam Cadillac Center Live Performance 凯迪拉克 华晨宇 20171105

Give me a second I, I need to get my story straight My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State My lover she’s waiting for me just across the bar My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking about a scar, and So if by the Continue Reading

[ENG SUB] Hua Chenyu Interview || I Have a Small Question 華晨宇×我有一個小問題

When I got up this morning I weighted 104 Jin (52 Kg) Learn to cook I can be regarded as a person who doesn’t exist Or a person who receives food from others Wow, that’s pretty cool I am fed when everybody sees me It’s fabulous>Hello, friends from Headline Officer Continue Reading

[ENG SUB][TCO III EP0 Unaired Cuts] Hua Chenyu Interviews Zhang Yuqi as a First Time Interviewer

You’re the first person I’ve ever interviewed -I’m honored – I am also honored Didn’t you like to laugh when you were a kid? I liked to laugh a lot in my childhood I also really like to laugh now Maybe you warm up slowly I would Do you live Continue Reading

[ENG SUB] Hua Chenyu Interview by Xiaoman 小蠻蠻華晨宇訪談 演唱会大合唱曲目是啥?20190830

Don’t be too formidable about it *The most important question* The songs in the new album I found all the tickets were sold out I don’t want them to see… *Singer Hua Chenyu representative works: I don’t care, Qi-Tien, Seek, Ashes from fireworks* Hello, everyone. I’m Xiaoman This gentleman sitting Continue Reading

Fan-Made @Hua Chenyu Español 383 selfies from Hua’s Weibo BGM《For Forever》華晨宇 微博自拍383張

> From Hua Chenyu’s 3rd Album : H (2017) Composer: Hua Chenyu Lyricist: MIKHAÉL Arranger: Bernard Zheng I told him I told him some things never last forever Sometimes they do but not forever And now I see for real I think I really do but never for forever As Continue Reading

[ENG SUB] [TCO EP10 Unaired Cuts] Rehearsal and Backstage Interview of Hua Chenyu and Zhang Yuqi

My world, I decide how flamboyant it is Maybe you will make me feel that you are even more awesome in the next episode But you have locked up your skills. I don’t feel as brave as before in singing So Take me as a fool or a joke I Continue Reading

[ENG SUB]Hua Chenyu “The Ode for Red Cliffs” + Q&A || Esquire Fine 華晨宇 時尚先生

Esquire Fine Magazine Excerpts from “The Ode for the Red Cliff” Written by Su Shi, Song Dynasty On July 16th of this autumn in the year Ren Xu (Year name in Chinese Calendar) The breeze gently blew And left no ripples behind White mists veiled the river Shimmering water dissolved Continue Reading