Playing Rocket League RC with Real Snakes and Spiders | Gaming Garage | Hot Wheels

(dramatic music) – Can you get him off my face? – Ooh, I can hear him breathing in my ear. – High five! – [Announcer] A Hot Wheels Production. – Welcome back to Hot Wheels Gaming I’m your host Andy with host Stephanie, Jaden, and Will, and today, we are Continue Reading

MONSTER TRUCK MAYHEM ON THE DOWNHILL DASH | Monster Trucks: Episode 1 | Hot Wheels

– New news, Hot Wheels monster trucks spotted on Monster Island. We go to sports. – The Hot Wheels Monster trucks are competing in a downhill tournament but they’ll have to avoid scary, scary obstacles to see who will win. Ready? Let’s go. Round one. Mega-Wrex versus Hot Wheels racing Continue Reading

TANNER FOX 37MPH HOT WHEELS MEGA RAMP | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Announcer] A Hot Wheels production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Tanner Fox. – Welcome back to Hot Wheels Unlimited, I’m Andy. Today we’re joined by Tanner Fox. – What’s going on? – Dude, it’s so great that you’re here. You know we do all kinds of really awesome, cool Continue Reading

Episode 1: SCORPION STRIKE! | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Hot Wheels

– [Narrator] Last time we were with the brothers, they were fighting giant spiders, a big cobra, tiny cobras, and a huge gorilla! Now they’re doing what they do best, racing. (car engines revving) – [Blonde Brother] If I make it to the burger joint first, I win! – [Brunette Continue Reading

BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Andy] Hot Wheels finally gets to prove itself on a real raceway. – You’re goin’ down, little car. – [Narrator] A Hot Wheels production. Hosted by Andy Riesmeyer – This is Willow Springs international raceway. Deep in the California desert. More than just one track, it’s a bunch of Continue Reading

GIANT GORILLA RAMPAGE! | Hot Wheels City: Season 1 | Episode 4

(animating music) – NEW NEWS! Hot Wheels city is free of all cobras and spiders. Things are definitely (loud stomping in distance) back to normal. (loud stomping in distance) (ominous music) (high intensity electric bang) (blaring orchestra music) (high intensity electric bang) (high energy music) (gorilla roaring) – [Evil Scientist] Continue Reading

WHO WILL EAT IT? HW Augmoto Challenge w/ Tanner Fox! | Gaming Garage | Hot Wheels

(dramatic music) – [Announcer] A Hot Wheels production. – Hello and welcome back to Hot Wheels Gaming. I’m your host Andy. I’m here with Tanner and Maverick. Welcome to the Hot Wheels Garage gentlemen. (clapping) – Happy to be here, happy to be here. – You’re about to play the Continue Reading


(ding) (dramatic music) – [Man] Here we go. Oh my my. (ding) We got a jump coming up. Oh. (beeps) Oh. – [Announcer] A Hot Wheels production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Team Edge. – Today on Hot Wheels Unlimited we decide who’s faster downhill. A Hot Wheels car? (upbeat Continue Reading