I AM DENVER: Maurice Wade Made His Cowboy Dreams Come True

It take that the love of the game and dedication. It’s something that it has to be inherent in you, it’s something that you really want to do and you’ve been wanting to do it for for all your life. Cowboys are like your track stars. We’re individual competitors, OK, Continue Reading

Brave Rescuers Save Trapped Wild Horse | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

That’s a wild horse laying there! Her leg is stuck in a fence. The horse can’t run, or even get up. She looks really uncomfortable. Luckily, these nice people found her. They knew they just had to rescue her. The horse needs a lot of help. They needed to free Continue Reading

Ozzy Man Reviews: When Animals Fight Back #3

This sheila is enjoying a leisurely ride But little did she know, she’s in magpie territory The magpie is Australia’s biggest fucking bastard It looks like she’s overreacting She’s not This little wankers are scarier than the bloody drop bears, down here There’s a couple of fellas known for being Continue Reading

Fuzzy Little Dwarf Horse Is Smaller Than A Golden Retriever | The Dodo Comeback Kids

Gentle. – Martha was listed on Craigslist. We thought, something’s not right. – We had to get her. – We left during this polar vortex at four o’clock in the morning. When we first met Martha — Oh my gosh. She’s so much worse off than we thought. I couldn’t Continue Reading

Learn Animal Names | Learning Videos And Nursery Rhymes For Children


Hemingway The Guard Goose Won’t Let Anyone Come Near His Horse | Animal Videos For Kids | Dodo Kids

Hemingway is pretty much your average goose. Except, his best friend is a mini horse named Waffles!! Who he loves so much. And even though it’s kinda weird for a goose and a mini horse to hang out every second of their lives, these guys don’t care one bit. Why Continue Reading

Grandpa Waffles The Rescue Horse Gets SPOILED For His Rescue Anniversary | The Dodo Party Animals

We have a lot of stuff planned for you today. Gonna get your hair done. Get all fancy. He’s like, “This wasn’t here before.” “What is that?” Grandpa Waffles is a Belgian draft horse, and he is somewhere around 30 years old. He had been working on a farm his Continue Reading