Funny video’s and facts about animals | Loulou & Ting S1E1

Joehoe… Hi hello, Loulou here and welcome to the Fun Fact Club! I have Ting with me and today we were asking ourselves 3 things: How do Herring fish communicate? What is the size of a blue whale’s heart? And does the color red or green make bulls angry? Are Continue Reading

Hot Wheels wet challenge\A corrida de carrinhos Hot Wheels com passagem de água e salto

I thank you for having chosen this video This is the track drag race with a swim and a final jump passage here are the top 6 competitors and these are the other six while competitors dry, we see them one by one Lamborghini Huracan LP 640-2 Super Trofeo Honda Continue Reading

Never Lift: The Week of the Japanese Grand Prix

– Okay, so we will go to the Honda factory first, and then go to the test track to do the filming contents for the Red Bull Japan and then, go to the Honda’s Acura factory to say thank you for the motor sports department people, come back to Tokyo Continue Reading

A best ever F1 result | Alex Albon gives his Japanese Grand Prix debrief

– So we’ve finished. Yeah, just finished the race. It is very windy here. So if you do pick up the winds, you hear a (mimics rushing wind). That’s not it, honestly. Yeah, not a bad race. Feel like the start was really where we lost it. I feel like Continue Reading

A Taste of Honda’s History | Max Verstappen drives an F1 classic, the 1965 RA272

(upbeat music) (car engine revving) (car engine revving) (electronic music) (techno music) (indistinct talking) – It’s perfect for you, yeah, it’s built for us. (laughter) (muffled chatter) – I know, I know, you just, you can’t go small either. (engine starting) (engine revving) – Beautiful car. (laughter) (upbeat music) (engine Continue Reading