The Curious Webspinner Insect Knits a Cozy Home | Deep Look

Ok, under a log, you uncover a wispy white web. You’re thinking: spider. Not so fast. This maze of woven silk has nothing to do with arachnids. It’s actually created by a kind of insect called a webspinner. They’re related to stick insects and praying mantises. Never heard of ’em? Continue Reading

Skate Sessions in SoCal – Red Bull Skate Arcade Winners Trip 2012

OK, so we’re here in LA. Shall we pick up the luggage? Hello, I’m Sergio Muñoz. I’m here in California at Venice Beach, after having won the Red Bull Skate Arcade in Spain. This is my prize. Hi everyone. We’re here in California. I’m Gianmarco. My name is Benjamín García. Continue Reading