Göring, the Stoned Nazi Nut – Doped WW2 Leaders Part 1

He is the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, President of the Reichstag, Reichstatthalter of Prussia and Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe. He is a dandy, with an obsession for garish jewel adorned uniforms, who lives in a palace inside a park full of wonderful beasts. His hobbies are Continue Reading

Hitler’s oddysey part 1: Goring screws up

As you know sir, last night someone used your credit card Goring hacked into the bunker Live And bought 800 MS points No apoligies or excuses have been recieved from General Goring, And all attempts at Microsoft for refunds have been turned down What do you have to say to Continue Reading

50 Rare Photos of Adolf Hitler You Might Have Never Seen Before

50 Rare Photos of Adolf Hitler You Might Have Never Seen Before 1. Hitler and Goering were passionate collectors of art. 2.Hitler with Emmy and Edda Goering, 1940. Emmy G�ring was a German actress, the second wife of Hermann G�ring. 3.Hitler during imprisonment at Landsberg Prison. He was visited by Continue Reading

Hitler plans to get Göring to eat Fegelein

Mi Führer, ¿Cual es su siguiente estúpido plan? Estoy planeando hacer que Göring coma a Fegelein. Todos los intentos que hicimos para eliminar a ese maldito molesto ha fallado. Yo creo que Goring tiene la capacidad para comer a Fegelein y finalmente poner un fin a su locura. ¿Steiner y Continue Reading

Top 10 More Reasons to Hate the Nazis — TopTenzNet

Top 10 More Reasons to Hate the Nazis We don’t think we’re really breaking new ground when we say that the Nazis weren’t very nice, that has already been very well established. What is less known about the Nazi regime however is all of the silly ways high-ranking Nazis abused Continue Reading

Hitler trolls Göring

dann ist sie noch nie verloren kraft geführten schlacht viele fehler gemacht sagt sie und denkt nur angekommen sage bin ich zu spät ich hatte recht meine pläne einzuweihen ich werde noch eher schlechter dann gleich wieder ab und also nur ganz kurz her um zu sagen dass er eigentlich Continue Reading