Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Impractical Yolkers

My favorite bonding moment personally was when Lindsay knew you’re feeling sick Alright came into your office with a glass of orange juice and she says hey I heard you’re not feeling so good, Handed you that glass of (Burnie interrupts) So bizarre glass of orange juice and then I’ll Continue Reading

History of Spain Podcast Q&A #1

Welcome to The History of Spain Podcast, before we get started I wanted to announce that I’ve added yet more history books at Now there are literally more than 100 books on the Spanish Empire and Early Modern Era, with books on the discovery and Spanish conquests of America, Continue Reading

Metal Detecting Among “Animals”… PART 2 – The Mysterious Object

Let’s jump to the last find… A very weak signal. And a huge, very shallow Roman coin. GPS (“POI”) #7. Why was the signal that bad? I will do a short air test. This is a 33cm (13″) mark. Slightly above on this gigantic bronze coin. Nevertheless a very weak Continue Reading

Hama, a wound yet to heal

Hama, a wound yet to heal 1982, One of the most heinous massacres in history was committed at the hands of the slaughterers Hafez & Refaat Assad A whole city was brought down to the ground Houses were flattened over the heads of inhabitants 40,000 killed. Women, men, elders and Continue Reading

One more Scramble in Africa – The Second Italo-Abyssinian War | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1935 Part 4 of 4

In 1935, Fascist leader and de-facto dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini will launch an international crisis that will not only outrage the world, but also show that by now national chauvinism is not just a trend, but an unstoppable force. He does this by invading Abyssinia and ousting its indigenous Continue Reading

Recommended Reading

Hey. We’re gonna talk about some books that I read. I get a lot of questions about, “Hey, Emily, what are you reading right now?” and “How do you know all of this?” and “Oh my god, you’re really smart.” And thank you very much, but I, uh, obviously didn’t Continue Reading

The Adventures of Bellerophon – The Rise and Fall of a Hero | Greek Mythology Explained

Once upon a time in the land of corinth, a hero was born. The son of the sea god poseidon, and the mortal woman, Eurynome. The brother of deliades. and the grandson of king Sisyphus. His name was bellerophon. A valiant youth, a young demi god, who would rise to Continue Reading

The Brazen Bull (Worst Punishment in the History of Mankind)

Welcome back to our macabre series of shows featuring some of the worst things people have done to each other in the name of punishment. While in other shows we have talked about instruments of torture and killing that could be said to be basic – claws that rip flesh, Continue Reading

A Brief History of The Scramble For Africa

Africa is a large continent home to immense culture and history surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north the Indian Ocean to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the west it is the world’s second largest and second most populous continent it contains 54 countries and is extremely Continue Reading