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Wounded Hippo Fights Off FIVE Lions | SNAPPED IN THE WILD

In four years of guarding, I’ve never seen an altercation attack such as this. And I believe, I probably won’t get to experience a similar scenario. We had come across the hippo earlier on in the day. And later that evening, we stumbled across the scene where two male lions Continue Reading

Growing baby hippo has play day in pool in San Diego Zoo

A new addition to the San Diego Zoo has made its debut, and it was certainly cute. With an audience of visitors watching on through an underground glass window, five-month-old baby hippo Devi made a big splash. The baby hippo looked like she was having fun exploring the pool with Continue Reading

Hippos Fight Over Territory

– [Narrator] Everything seems to be in a constant state of interaction, often in the strangest of ways. And it’s all centered around the Okavango itself. It is the single thread that connects all these characters, and all life here. (hippo snorting) (water spraying) So a place in the rivers Continue Reading

Most DANGEROUS Animals In Africa!

What scavenger can actually chase you down at speeds of more than 35 miles per hour? Which snakes are the most treacherous in all of Africa? Find out as we look at the Most Dangerous Animals In Africa. #13 Rock Python Among the top six largest snakes in the world Continue Reading

A Hippo Battle | Hostile Planet

NARRATOR: Out of water, this hippo would soon overheat. But the waterhole is already full. It may not look very inviting. Oxpeckers ravage cracks in their delicate skin. And 20 tons of waste a day has turned it into a cesspit. But this hellhole could save his life– if he’s Continue Reading

Angry Hippo Crushes Antelope

COMM: Game ranger Pieter Van Wyk has been tracking a pack of African wild dogs and they’ve cornered a female bushbuck. COMM: As more dogs arrive, things are not looking good for the antelope. Man: Mother, if you start crying… COMM: Initially rescued by the hippo’s unlikely intervention, now the Continue Reading

Newborn Hippo Rescued From Hungry Crocodiles

LADY: There is something going on under the water because she has bubbles in it. MAN: Oh that is coming out. Wow! MAN: Where is it swimming? MAN: Oh, oh that crocodile is going there. LADY: No way! Where is the crocodile? MAN: Look, look.. There is a crocodile there, Continue Reading