Worst Ball Scramble With Andrew Jensen

what is up y’all hope y’all having a great day down here in Jacksonville for another collab with Andrew Jensen we’re out here at South Hampton today we’re gonna be playing six holes worst ball scramble yes what does that mean where’s ball screen I’m probably familiar with a scramble Continue Reading

BOWHUNTING the ELK RUT Public Land DIY (Elk Hunting)

a little bit make sure we get up in the sunlight get our thermals coming up it just kind of says what we have let’s call in some elk baby I love it last fall Dan was able to take a great bull from the very same area and this Continue Reading


Hey guys beauty here, the speaker is Charles Charles Games channel. and today guys I want to bring you another game there, this game here O “Riptide 2”. But first guys if you are not subscribed to the channel still register the channel’re there and Enable Tinkerbell. So whenever new Continue Reading

❎ Shibuya Scramble Crossing ❎ Hachiko Statue 🐶 and a quick walk to Harajuku

Alright well, here we are in front of Shibuya Station. All the people here. All of em. There’s the Scramble over there. If you care for that stuff. What these guys do? What they do? I wonder what they do? You guys wanna see Hachiko? Let’s go to Hachiko. Anyway, Continue Reading

Over 200 Christmas Inflatables in one yard!

Hey guys, it’s Jawsome films, and today we are we looking at a house with over 200 Christmas inflatables! So over here you can see that some of them are inflated and some of them aren’t, and right now we have a little video of these ones inflating, so we Continue Reading

Tower gap – Scrambling na Ben Nevis

I’ve fallen asleep a little bit. Meanwhile, we are already close to Glencoe. Every time when I’m here my memories back, specifically my first scrambling on Stob Dearg. The path which I choose with my companions had appropriate to it character name – Curved Ridge. Path led us through very Continue Reading

Super American Staffordshire Terrier – IGP Protection training – #amstaffyankee

Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! [Barking] Heel! Heel! Sit! Helper quit! Heel! Bite! [Barking] Heel! Down! Out! [Barking] Bite! Helper back! Heel! Heel! Guard! Heel! Heel! Sit!


what’s up guys! Have you seen any tennis review where the presenter speaks a lot of strange name? You can identify each part of your tennis? I myself was already several times without knowing that part was talking and so we decided to do this video to you explaining each Continue Reading

BANDAI Scramble Egg Hurrier GR-3 Review FR

Ladies and Gentlemen Your captain Monsieur Toys speaking Welcome on board of this Hurrier GR-3 This plane was created in 1984 by BANDAI in the Scramble Egg toy line. Scramble Egg means in french “Oeuf brouillé” this funny little guy is part of Egg planes who are Super Deformed fighter Continue Reading