Mega panda fail – Tian Tian takes a tumble

It was roly poly time at Edinburgh zoo as giant panda Tian tian got playful in her pen. The female bear had a delightful time playing with the latest enrichment toy given to her by her keepers. After rolling off her podium, she took a moment to chill out – Continue Reading

Beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach

In the African savannah lives a very interesting creature. This is Ampulex compressa, the Jeweled Cockroach wasp. She is on the hunt for something. And this is it. A cockroach. She approaches it carefully as the roach is far bigger than she is. Once she is close enough she strikes! Continue Reading

Woman Tries to Rescue a Stray Pittie Every Day for 3 Weeks | The Dodo Faith = Restored

It was pouring rain and in this not-so-great area. So I pulled over, trying to get her, and she came pretty close I couldn’t get her. So I drove around. I couldn’t find her. It was acres and acres. It was kind of on a recycling plant and there were Continue Reading

Furless Dog Has Complete Transformation After Being Found | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

Went four-wheeling tonight. Middle of nowhere. On the salt flats. And got cut short because I had to do a little rescue mission for this guy. Probably been out there forever. He’s safe now, huh? One evening I noticed something running down the trail. I wasn’t even sure I was Continue Reading

10 UNBELIEVABLE Bonds Between Humans And Wild Animals!

From cuddling with a python to playing games with a tiger, here are 10 unbelievable stories of human animal bonds…. 10. Agee the Polar Bear Most species of bear can be incredibly dangerous, so what would it take for you to spend a night sleeping in the same bed as Continue Reading

Matted Dog Gets a Makeover then Reunites with Her Puppies! | The Dodo Reunited Season 2

Funfetti and Willow were rescued with over 100 dogs. Willow is Funfetti’s mom. They were extremely, severely matted. They had probably about — and I’m not even exaggerating — five or six inches of fur on them. They had probably never been groomed in their entire life from the day Continue Reading

Newly Adopted ‘Kitten’ Begins Changing Rapidly Before Her Family Uncovers A Bewildering Twist

For the most part, we like to imagine that our pets are the most beautiful animals in the entire world—especially our cats. With their unique personalities and cuddly natures, our cats seem to master “cuteness” in a way that other cats don’t. But one family in Russia thought about their Continue Reading

Elephant Saved After Maggot Infested Injury

COMM: Film producer Verity White and her crew were filming with the Uganda Conservation Foundation and the Uganda Wildlife Authority vet team when they came across this limping elephant. COMM: The young female elephant, thought to be in her twenties, had previously had a snare removed from her leg. But Continue Reading