Scrambled Word Game – Creating a new level

Duplicate one of the existing scenes by pressing Ctrl+D, then rename it Also rename the Game Controller object, then drag it to the project pane to create a new prefab Now any change made to this level will not affect any other level Let’s add our new sentence to this Continue Reading

Rescue An Abandoned Dog With A Big Tumor | Amazing Transformation Of Starving Dog

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Little Puppy Tranforms with Foster Family ‘s Help – Love can Heals All Wounds

Welcome back to Funky Smile and Story today is about a Stray Puppy With No Hair Transforms After Receiving Foster Mom’s Love. Nobody knows how Pixie Princess ended up wandering alone in a Georgia neighborhood, but one thing was clear the tiny puppy needed help. The poor thing was in Continue Reading

Bald pit bull found on the street starts to CRY when rescuer touch her skin

When you looked into Oliver’s eyes, all you could see was one thing: The longing to give up. His skin was in terrible condition and he had lost almost all of his fur. Across his body there were deep scores and scratches – that’s what happens when you have insatiable Continue Reading

Lonely Shelter Dog Tucked Himself In Every Night Waiting For His Forever Home

Welcome back to Funky Smile, and story today is about a Senior Shelter Dog Tucked Himself In Every Night Waiting For A Family Scooter is a Chihuahua who was accustomed to living in a lovely home. Unfortunately, the dog’s owner passed away and he was left to fend for himself. Continue Reading

Rescue Paralyzed & Malnourished Dog Chain to A Tree in Texas

Welcome back to Funky Smile, and the story today is about a Paralyzed And Malnourished Dog Kept Chained To A Tree Is Finally Rescued Dogs are “man’s best friend” and deserve to be treated as such. Sadly, not all people view or treat dogs this way. Animal rescuers from Dallas Continue Reading

Samsung Magician Secure Erase Utility Scrambled Screen Fix

Hey guys I’m gonna show you guys how to fix the weird font problem with the Samsung secure erase utility as you can see here. I’ve booted up with the CD and you can’t read anything that’s on the screen. I mean it might as well be in a totally Continue Reading

Scramble – An IL-2 Great Battles Cinematic – (3.000 subscribers)

Attention, 5 minutes to target. Stay in formation ! Squadron : commence the attack on those bombers. Yes Sir, commencing attack ! Watch out, enemy on our tail ! Evade ! Clear our tail ! What the hell ? He’s going down ! Help ! Help ! I’m going down Continue Reading

Baby Shower Games: Word Scramble | Parents

A baby shower isn’t complete without a fun game. Test your guess puzzle skills with this clever take on the baby shower word scramble. For the baby shower word scramble, you’ll need card stack, small envelopes, scissors, a writing utensil, a hole punch and tags. First, choose your three- game Continue Reading