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Paneer bhurji/Cottage cheese scramble #vegetarian #paneerbhurji #healthy . Turn on CC

1tsp of ghee +1/2tsp of oil add it into the skillet a pinch of cumin, coriander and fennel(sauf) seeds mix well Add 1 Tbsp of finely chopped green chillies add 1/4 cup of roughly chopped onions add 1/2tsp of salt now for the onions to cook faster cook for 2 Continue Reading

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs | Simple Recipe Healthy Comfort Food by Mlavie Cooking Diary /asmr cc subtitle

Bread Butter Evaporated Milk Eggs Pinch of Salt & Pepper Crack the eggs into a bowl add tiny pinch of salt add pepper I’ve added more pepper due to my preference add evaporated milk (for soft scrambled) Then beat them well together (just like drawing a circle) put a medium Continue Reading

Como hacer Huevo con Chorizo / how to make scrambled eggs with cured sausage

Scrambled eggs with Cured Sausage. so we going to use eggs and cured sausage this recipe is dedicated to my friend D from Wyoming this look great the first thing we have to do is cut the cured sausage cut all the cured sausage put on hot pan mix the Continue Reading

Menemen, Eggs scrambled with tomatoes and green pepper, Ägg krympade med tomater och grön paprika

firstly we heat up the pan and add 3 table spoon of oil after the oil little heated add the chopped green pappers and fry them till they will be soft. it is time to add chopped tomatoes. we cook them till they will start to boil. whenever they start Continue Reading

Cantina Style Salsa Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen Basics

Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen today. We’re doing a basic heading to the Mexican restaurant Do you love that salsa that they bring you when you sit down to the table and they bring you those freshly fried chips? I’m gonna show you how to make Cantina style Continue Reading

Meet The Bald And Beautiful Skinny Pig | CUTE AS FLUFF

COMM: For anyone not familiar with this unusual but adorable animal, this is a Skinny Pig. COMM: This is Pim. COMM: This bold but beautiful guinea pig lives with his owner Jessica in the southern part of the Netherlands. COMM: This peculiar breed of guinea pig is pretty much the Continue Reading

LITTLE LOUGHEED Winter Scramble 2018, Kananaskis video (HD). Explore Alberta Canada

Just heading up to do Little Lougheed. And there’s a bunch of people already headed up to break trail for us. So that’s perfect. So the trail for Little Lougheed starts basically 25 kms south on the Spray Lakes Road from the bridge in Canmore. A bunch of people out Continue Reading

Scrambled Egg Curry with Spinach

chef buck here and I’m not cooking this morning because camera girl is going to cook up our breakfast what are you making today? this is going to be a curry scramble just going to have three eggs and this looks like a lot of seasonings but I was trying Continue Reading