Vegetarian Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe | Cook With Us | Well+Good

– Be honest, yo, I’ve been judged in front of millions and millions of people before in my lifetime and I can take it. (upbeat music) – Hey there, I’m Jessie, and while most days I’m the Food and Health Editor at Well + Good, today I’m hosting our new Continue Reading

S. Korea confirmed 16th case of coronavirus

meanwhile South Korean health authorities are scrambling to figure out the movements of the country’s 16th patient who returned from a trip to Thailand about two weeks ago ken hyung Lee reports the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a 16th coronavirus case in South Korea on Tuesday Continue Reading

WHO requests an additional US$ 675 mil. to tackle coronavirus outbreak

the World Health Organization has requested hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funding to bolster its three-month plan to tackle the corona virus outbreak the request comes as health authorities around the world scramble to find either a vaccine or a cure Eastern Jail reports in an effort to Continue Reading

Death toll continues to rise in China as countries scramble to tackle coronavirus outbreak

alarming new numbers coming out of China and other countries around the world a total of 361 people have died in China due to the new coronavirus and a man in the philippines starring from the novel virus on sunday and this was the first death outside of bain land Continue Reading

Bodybuilder’s Supersized Fake Muscles Could Kill Him

COMM: Professional muscle man Valdir Segato has biceps measuring a staggering 23 inches, and a colossal chest span of 47 inches. COMM: But the Brazilian bodybuilder has had to go to extreme lengths to achieve these impressive guns. COMM: The oil Valdir uses is a mix of fatty acids, pain Continue Reading

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