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Baby Shower Games: Word Scramble | Parents

A baby shower isn’t complete without a fun game. Test your guess puzzle skills with this clever take on the baby shower word scramble. For the baby shower word scramble, you’ll need card stack, small envelopes, scissors, a writing utensil, a hole punch and tags. First, choose your three- game Continue Reading

A Short Introduction To Philosophy | The School of Azzyland

Didn’t I ask for a cocktail? PRODUCER: Three, two, one, action. NARRATOR: AzzyLand presents most of what you need to know about philosophy in around five minutes. The word philosophy tells us why the subject matters. It’s originally a word from Ancient Greek. The first part, “philo,” means love. The Continue Reading

Flos Mariae – ¿Quieres ser muy feliz?

Title: Do you want to be very happy? Sing: Flos Mariae Composer and lyricist: Montserrat Bellido Durán Melody of the lyric: Flor Bellido Durán Direction and edition of the videoclip: Estel Bellido Durán Animation 2d: María Bellido Durán and Estel Bellido Durán Christmas, Christmas. Christmas, Christmas. (Oh) Let Jesus into Continue Reading

Happy Cute ZOO Animals WILDLIFE Watering Hole Playset Hippopotamus Tiger Toy Review SuperFunReviews

Hi it’s Kerry here. Today we are looking at some of my new animals for the watering hole with some interesting facts. Then some of their existing family will join them at the watering hole. I really like my new Boma fence. A Boma is a livestock enclosure to keep Continue Reading

JESUS, (Spanish, Latin American), Blessed Are Those Who Hear and Obey

We need You now, Lord! How happy is the mother who bore You and nursed You! Rather how happy are those who hear the word of God, and obey it.

Smiling Dog Is New York’s Happiest Hound

COMM: Meet the dog who has been smiling since the day he was rescued. COMM: Brinks was abandoned as a puppy on the streets of New York. Luckily he was found by local resident, Jon Bozak, outside his apartment. JON BOZAK: He was running loose on my street. He was Continue Reading