El Gato Montés para guitarra | Paola Hermosín

Good Afternoon! Today I want to play for you an arrangement I’ve made for guitar over the Pasodoble El Gato Montés It was composed by Manuel Penella and it comes from an Opera in 3 acts called El Gato Montés which tells the story of the rivalry between a bullfighter Continue Reading

(FREE) [GUITAR] NoCap x Polo G Type Beat 2019 – “Legend” | NoCap Type Beat Guitar

(FREE) [GUITAR] NoCap x Polo G Type Beat 2019 – “Legend” | NoCap Type Beat Guitar

Rojo – Canon 7D Short film (Comedie) – Wicked musical Corrida – 2012

yeehaa we re coming for ya motherfucker go go get him those guys they re some wankers don t whine they peed on me

A vida corrida de um músico | Monólogo em um Quarto de Hotel #05 – Tailândia [subtitled]

Hey, what’s up, guys! Kiko Loureiro here in another hotel room monologue somewhere around the world. Now I’m in Thailand. I’m really tired, this is my last night here, but though I’m tired I wanted to record a video for you all to, first, thank you for the amazing feedback Continue Reading

71-year-old Canadian rocks it out with an air guitar at Toronto competition

Pretending to play an imaginary guitar… Let’s face it. There are certain songs where we all just can’t resist rocking it out. Including Bob “Mr Bob” Wagner – he’s taken a shot at the air guitar championship in Toronto. The 71-year-old Canadian who calls himself “the oldest-ever active air guitar Continue Reading

Boogarins break down ‘”Lá Vem a Morte” | Red Bull Music Academy

The direction we decided to take for the song was to record this guitar loop that was being repeated here over and over, making those six chords, if I’m not mistaken, and creating layers and creating layers in it in it in a way that could get to a more Continue Reading

Patagonia deep-water soloing – Red Bull Psicobloc 2012

We are in the Chilean Patagonia, one of the most beautiful spots in the world and it’s incredible being able to be here doing Psicobloc. There is no rope, there’s no correcting, and there’s no harness. You go completely free, and the fall is into the water. I think that Continue Reading

Gunna Type Beat (HARD) x Lil Baby Type Beat “Bull” 2019 | Free Guitar Trap Type Beats


Mexican Rodeo is a Sport

(Mexican folk music) (horse snarling) (Mexican folk music) (hoof steps) (Guitar music) (Slow guitar music) (Wind and road noise)=(Mexican folk music) (crowd cheers) (Guitar music) – We used hidden cameras to document charreada events that raised the eyebrows and turned the stomachs of animal lovers. – Oh my god. – Continue Reading