I’LL BUY WHAT EVER YOU CAN SPELL CHALLENGE! Giant Surprise! | Emily and Evelyn

(happy music) – Hi guys, today we’re gonna be doing part two of whatever you can spell, I’ll buy challenge, and of course, we’re not doing the buying, our dad is doing the buying. (party horn) So last time our dad got kinda mad because I got Gucci but, so, Continue Reading

$35,000 LUXURY HAUL | Nicolette Gray

Funny bull terriër compilation Try Not To Laugh with pablo

Now you don’t go outside? still not outside:P Because you sit so good. haha in his legg. STUPID MOUSE!! Bro what you doing? There stuck in the tv, there stuck. Nice job. Again he stole youre food. Sit. leg. go sit high. Go down. good job. Youre stuck bro. How Continue Reading