🐟 PHORCYS Spearfishing Worldwide Videos 🌍 #159 – Underwater Activities 2020

STRAPS USAGE The boat must always be secured on the trailer with a sufficient number of straps. The bow and the stern of the boat must be effectively secured to minimize the risk of an accident. The trailer’s winch primary use should be during launching and retrieval of the boat Continue Reading

Drift Racing in Bulgaria – Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

The competition is really tough and it’s getting tougher every day. The car is crafted by our team – Drift Tigers – it has a stock engine, 3000 cubic, with GT40 turbine, 580 horse power, professionally prepared for drifting, as I said — by our team. I’m really looking forward Continue Reading

Supermoon lights up the sky over ancient Greek temple and around the world

A supermoon shone down over Greece on Saturday. The massive full lunar appearance happens several times in the year and is down to the moon’s proximity to the earth – making it appear much larger and brighter than usual. Scientists call them “perigee moons” and at its closest, it was Continue Reading

Unusual Ski and Snowboard Race – Red Bull Home Run 2014

I couldn’t see well, it was foggy. There was competition. Over 120 athletes. I saw people passing me by. I was shaking. I couldn’t see where I was heading. Bumps everywhere. Very simply I said, “Okay, I will turn the snowboard straight and whatever happens.” You race without mercy, Unstoppable! Continue Reading

The scientific origins of the Minotaur – Matt Kaplan

Far beneath the palace of the treacherous King Minos, in the damp darkness of an inescapable labryinth, a horrific beast stalks the endless corridors of its prison, enraged with a bloodlust so intense that its deafening roar shakes the Earth. It is easy to see why the Minotaur myth has Continue Reading

Freerunning in Santorini – Red Bull Art of Motion

What is this event… Parkour? Never heard of it before… I don’t really know what it is. Ι’ve never seen anything like this before. I have seen this only on advertising, from up close is even more magical! I had a lot of fun! Representing France here gives me great Continue Reading

The myth of Icarus and Daedalus – Amy Adkins

In mythological ancient Greece, soaring above Crete on wings made from wax and feathers, Icarus, the son of Daedalus, defied the laws of both man and nature. Ignoring the warnings of his father, he rose higher and higher. To witnesses on the ground, he looked like a god, and as Continue Reading

Rescue of a giant dog who didn’t know how to ask for help

Une volontaire avait repéré un chien qu’elle ne pouvait pas oublier une volontaire avait repéré un chien qu’elle ne pouvait pas oublier Nous y sommes retournés 48 heures plus tard, dans l’espoir de le retrouver Nous y sommes retournés 48 heures plus tard, dans l’espoir de le retrouver [musique] et Continue Reading