Carmen Amaya — 1936 María de la O — scenes with Carmen

Olé, mira. Vamos allá. — A ver tú. — Claro. — Sí, señor. — Vamos allá. A ver. Con salero, con salero. (CANTA) “Que a mis niños les gusta el puchero, viva su mare, viva su abuelo”. Olé, olé, venga, venga ahí con gracia esa cabeza, ese bracito, olé! Don Continue Reading

Trip To? – The 5 best cities to visit on Spain holiday

the five best cities to visit on Spain holiday number 5 Cordoba A city which was a significant part of the Moorish rule during the medieval ages, before that it was a major Roman city, visit the la La Mezquita mosque built during the middle ages. The place was transformed Continue Reading