Gambetto Goring 5…Ab4 variante cambio (parte2)

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Why 5 Family & Private Businesses Chose the Goering Center (2019)

[JOE MOTZ] At The Motz Corporation we’re now almost a hundred members in size. [TYLER LANG] My entire career has been around investments and financial markets. [LAUREN JOHNSON] I am the Quality Manager for our container distributorship. I work for my parents – it’s a family owned business. [JIM PERRY] Continue Reading

Göring, the Stoned Nazi Nut – Doped WW2 Leaders Part 1

He is the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, President of the Reichstag, Reichstatthalter of Prussia and Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe. He is a dandy, with an obsession for garish jewel adorned uniforms, who lives in a palace inside a park full of wonderful beasts. His hobbies are Continue Reading

Gambetto Goring – 5..Ab4 Variante Cambio (parte1)

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Hitler’s oddysey part 1: Goring screws up

As you know sir, last night someone used your credit card Goring hacked into the bunker Live And bought 800 MS points No apoligies or excuses have been recieved from General Goring, And all attempts at Microsoft for refunds have been turned down What do you have to say to Continue Reading

Inside Yellowstone – Our Wild Wildlife

You’re watching Inside Yellowstone. In Yellowstone we get to see what wild animals do in their natural habitats. It’s fun to watch them eating, resting, interacting with each other, and even raising their young. What makes the animals so intriguing to us is also what makes them dangerous, their wildness. Continue Reading

Nuremberg Day 83-84 Goering (translated captions)

What powers did Funk have in the issuing of regulations, et cetera, for economic administration in the occupied territories? I can no longer remember in detail now. The general directive he received from me. Proceeding from this directive, how far and to whom he issued departmental instructions in occupied territory, Continue Reading

Bison Chases a Crowd at Old Faithful – Yellowstone

Cameraman: “The most exciting thing is the buffalo running through the parking lot.” [Chatter from the crowd.] [No audio] [Chatter from the crowd] Visitor 2: “People are running. I can’t see it.” Cameraman: “Nobody cares about…Oh my goodness. Did he get that guy?” [Screams from the crowd] Cameraman: “That guy’s Continue Reading

Bison Goring in Yellowstone

[Laughter] Visitor 1: “Don’t run, just walk.” [Incomprehensible conversation] Visitor 2: “How you doin’?” Visitor 3: “How you doin’? Getting’ mad.” [Visitors scream] Visitor 4: “Oh No.” Visitor 1: “Jim, stay here. Jim…” Bus Driver: “Get up in the tree. Get up in the tree. Come here. Come here.” Visitor Continue Reading

George Carlin reads Hermann Goring Quote

Of course the people don’t want war but after all it’s the leaders of the country who determined the policy and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether It’s a democracy a fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist dictatorship Voice or no voice the Continue Reading