16 Year Old Matador Kills 6 Bulls In One Day

sixteen year old and that is our in spain it turns out he kills six polls one in one afternoon everyone’s problem gunshot you killed six full but i know that’s super insensitive culturally speaking and that you know this is their culture this is something they take pride in Continue Reading

Bison Goring in Yellowstone

[Laughter] Visitor 1: “Don’t run, just walk.” [Incomprehensible conversation] Visitor 2: “How you doin’?” Visitor 3: “How you doin’? Getting’ mad.” [Visitors scream] Visitor 4: “Oh No.” Visitor 1: “Jim, stay here. Jim…” Bus Driver: “Get up in the tree. Get up in the tree. Come here. Come here.” Visitor Continue Reading

Toro (Xbox One) | Two-Minute Review | Player Ready?

Toro is a bullfighting game. Quote, The First Bullfighting simulator for the last generation consoles by RECO Technology, and by that I think they mean the current gen consoles. Actually it appears to be the only bullfighting game to ever hit consoles at all, though there was a SEGA arcade Continue Reading

Pamplona bull accidents: Two gored as festival enters third day

The world famous bull run in Pamplona entered its third day today. The event sees hundreds of runners being chased by a pack of around a dozen bulls through the tight, winding streets of Pamplona, but all wasn’t well today as two men were gored. One, an American, and the Continue Reading

Bull jumps into crowd at bullfight in Peru

At least four people have been injured in Peru after a bullfight went wrong. This video footage shows how the tormented bull turned on the crowd at a bullring in Taraco, in the province of Huancane. Provoked by spectators throwing objects at him from the stands, the bull jumps high Continue Reading