Shadow Of Mordor – Live Action (OFFICIAL)

Krimp! Get that human! Krimp! Get over here! A human bests you?! And you let him run away?! But the woods, they’re haunted. What of the Wraith that walks them? Perhaps you’d rather face him instead No master! Then what are you still doing here? GET ‘IM Yes Master! Show Continue Reading

Joe Pesci In Raging Bull – Beating Up Scene

I saw him fight with Janiro, I couldn’t believe it– destroyed this guy, it was absolutely incredible. He knocked his nose from one side of his face to the other. – You’ve gotta be kiddin’. – Fuckin’ thing was hangin’ off. Who you fightin’ next? Can you tell me? I Continue Reading

Max Bromista, Funny amimal facts, Orangutans, with special appearance by Snickers the Pocket Pitbull

Orangutans. Fact: their feet are like their hands, so they can grab branches and stuff with their feet. That’s why they hate nail salons. should I get a manicure? should I get a pedicure? Will I get charged double? Aww, screw it. I’ll just get a Brazilian Wax. You’re so Continue Reading