The Dairy Scientist Saving Cows From Pain

(dreamy music) This is Bertie. He might look like any other cow, but there’s one little thing about him that sets him apart from his breed. Bertie has never grown a pair of horns. And that wasn’t a fluke of nature. Parts of his DNA were rewritten by this man. Continue Reading

Grabbing the Horns from the Bull

ALLISON VAN EENENNAAM: How are you? Nice to see you. Nice to see you, my friend. How are you? Are you good? Yeah, I know. So this is Spotigy He’s very friendly. Normally, his horns would be growing here and here, but you can say that they’re not growing. This Continue Reading

How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve

How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve Whether you believe in it or not, there’s no doubt that humans themselves have had a hand in evolution over the years. Whether it be because of our hunting, or because we want cuter pets, we have a tendency to twist and create Continue Reading