Visit Our Wyoming Life – AirBnb, Hunting & Harvest Hosts

Hi I’m Mike, have you ever wished you could visit us here on the ranch? See the animals, the sites and yes even the smells? Well beginning today you can and we are going to talk about 3 ways you can do that and give away a year long membership Continue Reading

Moving into March on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, the cows are the backbone of the ranch, and right now we are at the point where we can have a calf any day now. We are going to take a look at our most likely to have that first calf of the season, and what else Continue Reading

Tweels – Michelin, The Ranch & The Future of Tires!

hi I’m Mike ever heard the saying don’t reinvent the wheel well it turns out that might have been the worst advice ever given as today we do just that and look at the future of the tire and reinvent how we roll on our wyoming life this is our Continue Reading

Number 127 Update and Mike Screws Up!

hi I’m Mike a few weeks ago we got to deal with a cranky cow with a sore leg and today we’re gonna head out and check on her and I’m gonna take the chance to show you around the barn where we nursed her back to health it’s all Continue Reading

The AG Stock Tank Experimental – What Works Best?

Hi I’m Mike, when asked why we do something one way, my father in law Gilbert was famous for saying “because that’s how we have always done it” He wasn’t big on change but today we start something that could change how we do things here on the ranch and Continue Reading

Early Calving on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, today we head out to start another day on the ranch. Every day has its ups and downs, and somedays you get the feeling you should just stay in bed, but no matter how badly your day goes, around here its not going to stop and you Continue Reading

Calves on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike and this is Our Wyoming Life Calves are the backbone of the ranch, every year we have about 150 new baby calves born here and they all have a different future in store. Most will go to auction in October; they will be loaded on to a Continue Reading

Injured Cow Leads To A Desperate Situation

Hi I’m Mike, when I get up every morning, I have no idea what I’m going to deal with. But today, it’s a cow with what might be a broken leg, I saw her last night, too late in the day to do anything about it but now its time Continue Reading

This Little Piggy

Hi I’m Mackenzie and this is our Wyoming Life Coming up on our Wyoming life, Haying continues but the end is in sight, then we get some new arrivals at the ranch and later the bulls go to work Haying continues feels like I have been saying that for weeks Continue Reading

Fighting Snow and Cold – The Project List

Hi I’m Mike, today we tackle -10-degree weather and a bunch of snow on the project list on our Wyoming life. Thanks for coming to hang out with me today, if you are new here, come explore the ranch life with us, hit that subscribe button and escape the ordinary Continue Reading