Rodeo Kayaking Tips & Freestyle Techniques : How to Roll in a Hole in Freestyle Kayaking

When you’re side surfing in a hole, the only motion you can do with your paddle is on your downstream side. Any upstream strokes will result in you catching your upstream leg and getting flipped over. When you side surf in a hole, you want to look upstream, keep this Continue Reading

2016 Ride Rodeo Binding Overview by SnowboardsDotCom

Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I’m Jenna this is Ryan from Ride and we’re going to talk about the Ride Rodeo binding. Ryan, who’s this binding designed for? The Rodeo is designed for that intermediate to more advanced freestyle rider. Great binding all Continue Reading

Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico City 2010 – Event highlights

The Plaza de Toros Monumental in Mexico-City, Mexico is once again the traditional start of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2010 World Tour. An electric evening started with Johan Nungaray, the mexican favorite riding so well and impressing the hole crowd. One of the greatest comeback stories in sport: Cameron Sinclair Continue Reading

Bringing BMX to Japan’s Future Pros – Red Bull Local Hero Tour

It’s really amazing that I can see Red Bull’s top athletes riding up close. I was always watching them on the web or TV. I am truly grateful that I can watch their practice and real riding in person. They are awesome, and at the same time, I realized they Continue Reading

Downhill enduro bike race in Spain – Red Bull Holy Bike 2014

♪ (music) ♪ La Pinilla looks like a great mountain resort. There are many trails, you know, the pine trees smell good and it’s really nice. I know Red Bull put lots of work into this project, and now it looks even better, like a real bike park. ♪ (music Continue Reading

2016 Ride Rodeo LTD Binding Overview by SnowboardsDotCom

Welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by I’m Jenna this is Ryan from Ride and we’re going to talk about the Ride Rodeo LTD binding. Tell us a little bit about it. Rodeo LTD is kind of just a step up from our regular Rodeo on our Continue Reading

Rodeo Kayaking Tips & Freestyle Techniques : Doing Flatwater Clean Spins in Freestyle Kayaking

One way to get ready for doing clean spins on a wave or hold is to change the way that you do your forward sweep strokes in standing water or even your reversed sweep strokes in flat water. What I want to do with sweep strokes is wind back up Continue Reading

Rodeo Kayaking Tips & Freestyle Techniques : How to Plowing Ender in Freestyle Kayaking

The plowing ender like the stern squirt, is one of the first ways that powers learn to get their boats vertical. You can really use the shortness of the boats and the lower volume in the bow to help encourage that. This move can be done in flat water or Continue Reading

Kayak Obstacle Course in Denmark – Red Bull Kayak Maniacs 2012

Welcome to the heart of Aarhus, more particularly the stream of Aarhus, and even more particularly “Red Bull Kayak Maniacs.” We’ve got 25 of the best kayak paddlers, who are competing at the impending Olympic Games, and a very competent judge. The battle starts off a ramp at the bridge Continue Reading

Shaun White’s private pipe – Red Bull Project X