Why Does the Church Baptize Infants When the Bible Says to Baptize Adults?

Let’s go to James in San Antonio, Texas, listening on Guadalupe Radio. James, you’re on with Karlo Broussard. Hello. Hello, James. Hi, yes, my question is, how come in the book of John, the apostle John goes around baptizing adults and stuff, and yet—I mean, I’m Catholic, and I know Continue Reading

[ENG SUB][HD Fancam] Arrival – Hua Chenyu 190907 Running Shark Music Festival 华晨宇易车音乐节

>Composed by: Hua Chenyu Lyrics: Ding Xueyan Arranged by: Bernard Zheng, Hua Chenyu La Vi Ah Vi Ah Vi Night arrives and spreads forgiveness, forgiveness La Vi Ah Vi Ah Vi Taking an evening stroll carefully in dreamland with a candle La Vi Ah Vi Ah Vi Grims feed the Continue Reading

Pope Francis to allow priests the discretion to forgive abortions

Until now, women who had abortions were automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church. But, during the upcoming Holy Year Pope Francis will give all priests – not just the high-ranking clergy – the discretion to formally forgive women who have had abortions. In a letter published by the Vatican, Pope Continue Reading