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10 McDonald’s Menu Items That Even The Staff Won’t Eat (Part 3)

For a fast-food brand that has ‘I’m lovin’ it’ as its motto, it is quite contradictory when its own staff refuses to eat certain menu items, let alone love them. Whether it’s items on the menu now, or items that were discontinued, these are 10 more McDonald’s menu items that Continue Reading

Mount Whymper trip in East Kootenay British Columbia Canadian Rockies scramble Closed Captions

I can’t believe, some clouds moved in already so quick in just two minutes, it’s covering the right side that was Mount Whymper, now Storm mountain Stanley glacier trail by my trip from a months ago Mount Stanley Vermillion peak , Mount Haffner huh and the clouds are now even Continue Reading

breakfast grilled cheese with soft scrambled egg recipe. yummy yummy


Today’s meal Scrambled egg with bitter melon Bitter melon eggs Shallot prepare the bitter melon next step, slice it and the shallot into thin pieces *its almost done* add oil to a hot pan put shallot in and wait until the smell is good then stir-fry the sliced bitter melon Continue Reading

The best cucumber scrambled eggs 简单的荤素搭配的做法:: 오이 스크램블:: 木须肉

Prepare about 15g of fungus and daylily Soak in water for 30 minutes Can also be replaced with other dry goods 50g sliced ​​cucumber Taste first Well, the cucumber tastes pretty good! 150g lean meat thinly sliced Soaked fungus cut into shreds Prepare the sauce: 5g soy sauce Shaoxing wine Continue Reading