Crossout – Funny Moments (1)

Go Sukashi! – Season 2 – Ep #7: Urchins on High

CHET MACINTOSH: Hey, folks at home. This is lead anchor Chet Macintosh here at News 5. It’s been a crazy day in the city. Going to throw it down to field reporter Jillian O’Shanter, who’s crossing the Ts, Ps, and Cs. Oh, Jillian? JILLIAN O’SHANTER: Thanks, Chet. Tragedy strikes mayoral Continue Reading

CGR Undertow – SQUADRON SCRAMBLE review for Xbox 360

This thing is designed to be played with up to eight players. You can imagine what that looks like…because you’re not going to see it here! I can’t even shoot down a computer controlled airplane. And when I do, I get so excited that—oop, I lose control and crash into Continue Reading

IFR Cross Country Flying to the Red Bull Air Races

Announcer: Very fast *plane zooming by* Announcer: four tenths of a second ahead of Pete McLeod He’s got a substantial lead coming out of that vertical turn *music* Matt: It’s 4:30 am, cold, and it’s raining, but we’re goin flying Boston Approach: 367HP, cleared from the Lawrence airport to the Continue Reading

Indoor Dual 09 – Rodeo Style pt 1 (stunt kite tutorial)

In this tutorial we’re going to touch on what I’ve come to call the rodeo technique. I really like the rodeo technique because it allows me to hold my ground and sometimes visually it’s a little bit more dynamic. The reason I call it the rodeo is because it almost Continue Reading

Hornets and Wasps can be VERY Dangerous Burning a Bald Faced Hornet Nest Dracarys

Night time is best for visiting hornet/wasp nests you can hear night insects this is a bald faced hornet nest there are around 300 insects in this nest you can hear a fire lighting off a torch is coming close crackle of brush testing the flame strength this is a Continue Reading

Freefly BASE jump in Norway – Red Bull Soul Flyers

So I will end up above and I will be in a seated position, and at that moment we can release. Then I just have to position myself flat and go.

Red Bull Official Glider Aerobatic w/ Luca Bertossio

My passion started at about 11 years old… after I realized that airplanes had a particular fascination on me The truth is that my father works in Russia so every 4 months he was coming back to me… he would stay for a few days and then I had to Continue Reading

Wingsuit flyers race through slalom course

This is the birds eye view of what its like to fly 7 and a half thousand feet above ground level. The Red Bull Aces wingsuit competition has returned for the second time after last years success. To win the contest, four flyer heats race through a slalom course of Continue Reading