La Última Faena – cortometraje realizado en 24 horas –

I don’t see it, I don’t see it. I don’t know what am I doing here Fermin, Fermin… It’s not time for doubting I don’t know what I am doing here, really, honey. What are we going to do? We’ll exit through the big door We’re getting into such a Continue Reading

Breaking news Jul 9, 2017 :Pamplona horror as bull changes course to hurl man in air

Pamplona horror as bull changes course to hurl man in air and trample him at bull run The second run of this year’s world-famous festival started in dramatic fashion with one runner being upended just seconds after the start and another foreign-looking man being hurled into the air by one Continue Reading

“Choose Love Now” Sacred Bull Shit Ceremony

I am T.c. Jeste, I am here with the Temp;e of the Cosmic Joke and we are sharing our sacred bullshit ritual with you this is not something we of hot shit here today so in honor of all of you who are functions that are of hot shit here Continue Reading

Bulls Race Festival Traditional Akhara in Punjab Pakistan 2018

Mehar Muhammad Afzal of Pindi Said Pur 107.5 Rounds In 6 Minutes Iftikhar Hussain of Khothian 109.75 rounds in 6 Minutes Raja Shah Nawaz of Naseerwala 108 Rounds in 6 Minutes Muhammad Aslam Bhatti of Pindi Said Pur 109.5 Rounds in 6 Minutes Ch Azad Ismail Tarar of Sherpur 109.5 Continue Reading

Cow Wedding: Sacred Cow And Bull Are Married In India

00:02 COMM: It had all the hallmarks of a lavish Indian wedding, but when 5,000 well-wishers gathered for a traditional Hindu ceremony, in Western India this week, the bride and groom were in fact a cow and a bull. 00:15 COMM: Nuptials between cow Ganga and bull Prakash had been Continue Reading

Los Polinesios & RedOne Song – Festival ( Official Video)

Baby here we go OOH EH OH This night is’nt going to end Flying high and low OH OH OH UE OOH Life is a festival Baby here we go EH OH This night isn’t gonna end Flying high and low OH OH OH UE OOH Life is a festival Continue Reading


And this is the town Tultepec, which is a small town in Mexico State, right outside Mexico City. This particular town is very famous for their fireworks, their fireworks festival, and their fireworks market which got international fame in 2017 early last year, when the firework market exploded. Now it’s Continue Reading

Bulls and runners endure slippery start to Pamplona festival – 247 news

Dramatic pictures from the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona show revellers being gored and trampled by rampaging bovines as the second day of the festival kicks off The event, which forms part of the famous San Fermin celebrations, sees on average between 50 and a 100 injuries per year Continue Reading